3 Tips For Organising Your Wardrobe!

Organising Your Wardrobe

Having a good clear out of your wardrobe every so often is a great thing to do, as it not only helps to clear your mind and feel organised, but you will save so much time each day finding what you want to wear instead of having to route through piles of clothes! Plus, in the process of organising your wardrobe, you might even make a bit of money. So, let’s learn a few simple tips on how to organise your wardrobe!

Take Everything Out and Organise Into Piles

The first thing you should do when organising your wardrobe is really simple; take everything out! Trying to organise everything whilst it is still in your wardrobe will get really confusing, so the best thing to do is take everything out so you can see what you have clearly. This will also make everything much more organized when you go to put it away. Once you have taken everything out (putting it on your bed is usually the easiest option), create some piles of what you want to keep, what you think you can sell and what you would like to donate.

When deciding what to keep, consider if you really love it, how often you wear it and if it gives you confidence. After thinking about this, if you aren’t sure, add it to the sell or donate pile. You’ll feel so much better if you are ruthless, as it will save space for the things you really want.

Next up, we have your sell pile. This is anything that you think could be worth something (i.e. still in good condition). Simply add some great pictures of the item to second hand clothing websites like Vinted or Depop. These companies take a very small cut of the money you make, but you can still do well! This is an opportunity for you to make some money which you can then spend on pieces you really love.

Last but not least, we have the donate pile. If you don’t have the time to sell your items, or you would simply like to do something good for charity, then take your old clothes down to your local charity shop. One persons trash is another persons treasure as they say, so something you think someone might not want might be exactly what they are looking for. You can also take bags of old clothing to H&M, they will be recycled and you will get a £5 voucher in return. If you have any items of clothing that are broken or have holes in, don’t throw them away, but instead you can take them to local seamstresses who may be able to make use of the pieces to create something new or to use as part of a piece of clothing.

Clearing out your wardrobe has so many benefits for you, but it is also an opportunity to help others and the planet!

Organise By Occasion

Now you have the pile of clothes you’ll be keeping, it’s time to get them organised. There are so many ways you can organise your wardrobe, such as by colour or by item (e.g. all of your jeans, knitwear, pants together etc). However, one way that we love to organise our wardrobes that can save you so much time and stress is by occasion. You can have a section for all of your workwear, for your dresses (also organised into dressier bodycon dresses and daytime dresses), your loungewear, smart casual bits, your gymwear, so on. This way, when you are in a rush and heading out, rather than routing through your whole wardrobe, you will simply need to look in the right occasion section and you will save so much time.

If you want to organise your wardrobe more traditionally, of course that’s fine, but we wanted to introduce this way as it could be a game changer!

Only Keep What’s Seasonal In Your Wardrobe

Our final tip for you is to only keep whats seasonal in your wardrobe. If you have all of your clothes in your wardrobe all year long, then you aren’t likely to have much space. So, if it’s the summer, take all of your winter clothes like thick knitwear and coats and put them into vacuum packed bags. Then, put these into your loft or on top of your wardrobe. You will save so much space so everything looks less cluttered and you can find stuff much more easily.

Then, when it comes around to Autumn, get your winter clothing out and pack away your summer stuff, then repeat again in the Spring. Clothes stay clean in these bags and it protects them from any damage, but you might want to give some of the bits a quick wash to freshen them up, so your wardrobe smells amazing.  This might take an hour or so twice a year, but it will make everyday that little bit tidier, so it is definitely worth it in our opinion!

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