5 Iconic Jewellery Pieces Every Woman Must Own

woman’s jewellery box

Timeless, iconic pieces of jewellery hold great sentimental value – they last forever, can be paired with different clothes, and create fond memories. From hoop earrings to a pearl necklace, there are plenty of jewellery pieces that you’ll always adorn.   

A woman’s jewellery box may have plenty of pieces, but there is always room for one more. Some of them remain fashionable for a few months, while others serve you for a lifetime. When you are on a mission to create a jewellery box that never goes out of style, you need to add some timeless pieces to it. 

Although jewellery trends change over time, similar to fashion, some timeless pieces remain iconic forever. They can be worn today, tomorrow, and several seasons later. Let’s explore them:

  • Cocktail Ring

With a history dating back to the 1920s’ Prohibition era, cocktail rings were made with the aim to get dressed for parties and events featuring alcohol. Over the years, they evolved to become a piece that can be worn for a variety of occasions. It helps you grab attention and be the centre of attraction.

Cocktail Ring

Usually, a cocktail ring has a large diamond surrounded by several smaller pieces. However, the modern market has many other styles to let your piece stand apart. You can pick one considering an occasion. For example, a cocktail ring with a large diamond makes an ideal accessory for occasions like an evening with the special one, while a piece with extra shine and sparkle is apt for social events. 

  • Hoop Earrings

A classic jewellery option for women of all ages, hoop earrings has been a popular addition to the jewellery box for a long time. Their popularity was the strongest from the 60s through the 90s. Even today, hoops are a wardrobe staple.

Hoop Earrings

While hoops are among the lightest accessories, they carry a woman’s fashion weight. Today, there are plenty of hoop designs to match the wearer’s personality and an occasion. You can wear oversized hoops with red lipsticks for a hipster look. Apart from that, there are geometric designs that offer you a chic appeal.

  • Pearl Necklace

A pearl is only a gemstone, but a pearl necklace is much more than that. When it is in your jewellery box, you get endless ways to dress up for an occasion. An amazing thing about the jewellery piece is that you can style it in many ways and pair it with various outfits.

Pearl Necklace

In addition, pearl necklaces are available in different lengths. Also, you have the freedom to select the right pearl size. A beautiful necklace can be worn with both formal and informal dresses to grab eyeballs at an event. 

  • Bracelet

When it comes to the most versatile jewellery pieces, a charming bracelet is on almost all lists. Also, even one bracelet around the wrist can grab the attention of you. Apart from that, you get the freedom to wear many bracelets on both hands to reflect your unique style to the world.


Plus, there are endless ways to wear a bracelet. You can mix and match a range of colours and styles. Also, you can keep it simple to showcase your decent personality to onlookers. 

  • Classic Watch 

You may have the costliest smartwatch to view time and keep track of your health, but there is nothing more fashionable than a classic watch around the wrist. It is the ultimate accessory that complements your other jewellery pieces while enhancing your overall look.

Classic Watch 

Although a classic watch only shows time and doesn’t have the latest technology, it has multiple dial options to make your look beautifully different. For example, round dials make watches look flattering, while rectangular dials are elegant. 

In the End

A classic, timeless jewellery piece remains a functional piece for a long time and becomes a saviour when you want to stand apart in the crowd. Add such iconic pieces to your collection and make it remain fashionable forever

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