5 Ways to Style a Crop Top

crop tops for girl

There is no doubt that fashion is a constant in everyone’s lives, regardless of their age and gender. It impacts many areas of life; whether it’s self-confidence, impressions or just self-expression, fashion gives you the tools to work with and best present yourself at every phase in your life. Instilling a sense of style has to start early, and there is no better thing to start with than crop tops for girl. Crop tops are currently all the rage, so if you want your little one to be a fashion-forward lady, you just cannot go without them.

Variety in crop tops for girl’s are essential in any wardrobe as they are appropriate for different occasions. Versatile, fashionable and comfortable, crop tops are the whole package. You can get some great ones from the vast collection of crop tops for girls on online shopping stores such as Myntra. Here is a quick guide with five easy ways you can use to style a crop top:

  • Casual: You can dress up your girl for casual day outs using crop tops for girl. A simple crop top with a pair of shorts and mid-length boots will be perfectly suitable for the season. You can put her hair in braids and watch as she has fun in her cute and comfortable outfit.
  • Ethnic: Crop top and lehenga combinations are significantly in fashion right now, so don’t be scared to hop on the trend! Put your girl in a solid crop top with embroidered lehenga, ethnic flats, earrings and some bangles for the next traditional event.
  • Fancy: Crop tops for girl make some of the best outfits with a skirt, so when planning outfits for a get-together, go for it! Dress her up in a crop top with a flared skirt and some kids gladiator sandals. Simple hoop earrings will finish off this outfit elegantly.
  • Party: Party outfits with crop tops have a very edgy and chic element to them, and they’re effortless to pull off. Layer a solid or printed crop top with a leather or denim jacket and skinny jeans. Go for chunky sneakers for footwear and add in a belt to accessorise.
  • Lounge: Crop tops are nothing if not cosy, so make the most use of that with a comfortable outfit. Pair crop tops for girls with joggers; this can be an ideal lounging outfit or casual meetups with friends, etc. A simple sling to carry essentials and a pair of flats will do the trick.

The above outfit ideas are effortless to pull off; you can dress up your girl in these with little to no effort, and rest assured that she will be the most fashionable kid in the room. The collection is famous for having some of the most favourite pieces among children and parents, so take a look and start shopping! Along with style, comfort is also guaranteed, especially in the high quality and affordable crop tops for girl options available on Myntra.

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