5 Ways to style a saree as per the occasions


Sarees are the perfect outfit option for any occasion. And many women sarees can be styled in different ways to make them look perfect for any occasion. I have seen women owning different types of sarees and waiting for an occasion to wear them as traditionally they are just worn at wedding functions, but in this article, we are going to show you different ways and occasions to wear a saree. Our love for traditional sarees can be rationalized by wearing them for different occasions. Here are some fantastic ways to style women sarees for different occasions.

Saree with Jacket for Cocktail Parties: When it comes to styling a saree for cocktail parties, you must choose to go for a contemporary look. And what is the best way you can choose other than wearing it with a jacket? This Indo-fusion article is the best fit for any formal parties where you can look glamorous by wearing a bejewelled jacket over a simple saree. Another way to create this outfit is by wearing a fancy sequin saree with a solid jacket or blazer. 

Bengali Style Draped Saree For Poojas: Bengal has been the mass producer of various types of sarees for more than a century. With the rich fabric and beautiful designs in women sarees, I have been a fan of it ever forever. So just to add oomph to traditional women sarees why not drape the classic saree in the regional style. For family functions, you need to look decent with the traditional look, so you can’t go wrong with a traditional women saree. And in order to look fashionable and a bit different from the regular look, you can easily drape it in Bengali style with the pallu tucked in front. 

Dhoti Sarees For Wedding Function: This style is particularly inspired by the ancient Maharashtrian Navari, which has been a royal style of draping the traditional women sarees in a pant-like way. It has become very popular nowadays as it gives an interesting overall look. These days the same style of draping has been inspired to give a contemporary look to it. 

Half Sarees For Receptions: Wedding receptions are way too much fun for the newly wedded, but they can also be the right platform for you to showcase your style. Half Sarees add a royal touch to the whole look. You can use a cancan underskirt as a silhouette and layer the saree pleats to make it look like a skirt.  

Printed Cotton Saree with Belt For Office Wear: Many social media fashion Influencers and bloggers have made wearing belts over sarees a staple accessory. And this style is a must-try for corporate beauty queens as it is an elegant way to dress up. This casual look is pretty much underrated and can be worn for your brunch parties too. The key to nailing the look is keeping minimal makeup and accessories. 

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