5 Yacht Precautions To Remember For The Holidays

5 Yacht Precautions

This coming holidays, we can expect that a lot of people will be spending their time on yachts. Last year, almost everyone had to give up their holiday plans to prioritise safety. Now that travels are safer, people would want to spend time with their families in the best way that they can.

A holiday on a yacht is not only fun but also a great way to spend private time with the people who matter. Lots of activities can be enjoyed and done on a yacht, too. Aside from enjoying the breathtaking view of the waters, you can enjoy the sunrise, sunset, or even watch the snowfall this coming holiday. 

Whatever activity you plan to do on the yacht, it’s important to educate and familiarise yourself with the precautions. This is not only directed towards guests, but also to owners. If you happen to own a yacht under fractional yacht ownership, take the time to review the precautions that you and your co-owners have. 

If you don’t have one yet, this is the best time to create one. You might think that knowing the basic precautions should be common sense. But, it’s easy to go overboard and disregard the rules when you’re about to have fun. To ensure that this holiday will be a safe and fun one, these are 5 yacht precautions that you should implement, and keep in mind.

1. Have the yacht cleaned and disinfected before and after every use

If you own a yacht, whether, under yacht syndication or a private one, it’s important to have it cleaned and disinfected before any use. This is critical, most especially if you’re opening your yacht for rent or numerous people will be using it. 

It’s easy to be complacent and to disregard sanitation because we can assume that ‘they’re with the people they know anyway’ or that ‘they tested negative.’ But, yacht disinfection must still be practised religiously to ensure that the yacht is a safe space for everyone. 

Also, if you were to rent a yacht, wouldn’t you want one that is clean and can assure you that it is virus-free? It’s better to spend a holiday on a yacht that is sanitised and gives the guests peace of mind. After every use, have the yacht cleaned and disinfected right away. Also, make sure that if your yacht has beds, the pillows, sheets, and mattresses should be changed or cleaned before any other guest can use them again. 

2. Require a swab-test result before any yacht entry

Though the situation is better than it was, and even though COVID-19 cases are already low in your area, it’s important to still have your guests tested before any trips. Regardless of whether they’ll only stay on the yacht for a day or two, test results should be necessary.

This is critical, most especially if they have kids with them on board. If the yacht comes with a crew on board, this should be mandatory. If you’re the owner, it’s important that your captain and crew onboard will also be tested before any sails. 

Since guests will be on the same yacht as your crew, even though they can practice contactless encounters, it’s still important to ensure everyone aboard that both parties are safe during the travel. 

3. Require a copy of their vaccination cards as well

Aside from swab-test results before any yacht entry, it’s also important to require your guests and crew to bring a copy of their vaccination cards as well. Of course, we want everyone who steps in and out of the yacht to be protected. But also, this can serve as documentation for contact tracing purposes if ever something happens. 

Also, it will be easier to promote and market your yacht online and through word of mouth once guests see how you prioritise everyone’s safety onboard more than anything else. Once guests see how organised and structured your safety precautions are, their return rate and referrals could be higher. 

4. Follow the weather report like an oath

Daylight is shorter and the nights are longer during December to January. Usually, this daylight shortage starts from November onwards. This means that if you plan to spend an overnight stay on a yacht this coming holiday, you have to maximise your morning activities.

You can expect that it will be hard to sail during the night. But, it will be harder if the weather is not in your favour. I know that it’s a big disappointment to postpone and reschedule a long-awaited holiday. But, keep in mind that your safety should be your utmost priority more than anything else. 

If the news says that the weather is not good enough for sails, reschedule your trip right away. Don’t even think twice. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

5. Research the latest protocols in the areas that you plan to visit 

If ever you plan to drop by a certain area for sightseeing, make sure that you are updated with their latest protocols. Even though most areas and locations are not as restricted as they used to be last year, it’s necessary to educate yourself.

From time to time, protocols change. That means, 3 days before your trip, you should update yourself of any changes. It would be such a bummer to miss out on any sightseeing or trying out a famous local restaurant. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on word of mouth alone. If you can, contact their local assistance office so you won’t miss out on any important requirements. 

These precautions will ensure a safe and worry-free holiday sail

Whether you’re a guest or an owner, educate and familiarise yourself with all of the yacht precautions that the yacht requires. If you’re a yacht syndication owner who plans to open the yacht for charter this holiday season, never be complacent on your rules. 

Your top priority should be the crew and the guests’ safety more than anything else. With these simple precautions, you can look forward to and expect a safe and worry-free yacht holiday for everyone. Happy and safe sailing!

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