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6 Men’s Summer Traveling Outfit Ideas

Traveling Outfit

Summer travel is an adventure. Whether you’re jet-setting or road-tripping, your outfits should be comfortable and stylish. There are ways to look polished and feel relaxed while you’re on your trip. The following men’s outfit ideas look great and make it easy to pack your luggage.

  • Classic Crew Neck and Shorts  

The crew neck tee is comfortable and classic. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking through a city or driving a van in the middle of nowhere: These tried-and-true shirts have a travel-ready look. A white crew neck is a smart choice for a trip because it matches almost any style or color of shorts. If you’re going super-relaxed, you can match it with a colorful pair of drawstring shorts or swim trunks. 

As an alternative, the navy crew neck works with everything from khakis to resort shorts. Match your crews with a pair of crisp white tennis shoes. Or try slip-on canvas shoes or boat shoes. Elevate your travel wear with fresh high-top sneakers or a pair of vacation-ready leather strap sandals.

  • Soft Modal T-Shirt and Pants 

The modal t-shirt is perfect for travel. Its light and airy fabric keeps you cool and feels soft on your skin. These shirts also flatter most male body types so you can feel confident about taking them on your trip. Colors like glacier and aloe will have you ready for adventure. Or create a classic outfit with neutral hues like vapor and onyx. 

Pair your modal shirt with slim-fit pants. The best summertime chinos have a little stretch in the material to make movement more comfortable. Choose a color like a camel or cream to complete your look. It’s summer, so don’t be afraid to mix neutral-colored modal shirts with pants in colors like sage or light blue. 

  • Crisp Polo Shirt and Shorts 

Polo shirts are an underrated choice for summer. Just pick one that’s lightweight and breathable. A cotton-poly fabric blend feels soft and will keep you comfortable in hot temperatures. Look for details like ladder stitching at the sleeves and waist hems, so it’s less likely to wrinkle while you travel. 

A white polo will look clean with a pair of printed drawstring shorts. Choose a tropical pattern or a print with mini boats, then finish the outfit with boat shoes or slip-ons. Other seasonal colors for polo shirts include cool blue tones like agave and mist. Stand out in jewel tones like garnet or amethyst. Neutrals such as slate or heather grey will match with any shorts. 

Crisp Polo Shirt
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  • Stylish Button-Down Shirt and Shorts 

Button-downs are a versatile shirt for travel. In the summer, you’ll find them in lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen. Wear a short-sleeve tee for day trips or a long-sleeve tee while you’re indoors. You can even layer a crew neck under your long-sleeve. 

A solid-colored button-down shirt matches with khakis or resort shorts. If you’re searching for style inspiration, some of the best short-sleeve button-down colors for summer include navy and sky blue. Roll up the long sleeves on a shirt in a shade like military or olive. Finish the look with a pair of black shorts with sunglasses and white tennis shoes. Or go with an off-white shirt with navy shorts and a stylish watch. 

  • Short-Sleeve Henley Shirt and Pants 

Some guys spend their summer traveling cross country or internationally. These trips are different, so dress the part. After all, airports and plane cabins are cold. Travel delays and small spaces can make things uncomfortable. In these situations, it’s best to wear a pair of pants. Chinos and drawstring joggers are a couple of styles that always look amazing with a short-sleeve henley shirt. 

Henleys come in a variety of colors to dress up your neutral pants. Colors like wedgewood and military are travel ready. Make a statement with an on-trend shade like thistle. Black and charcoal always look fresh while you travel. Dark colors are especially helpful for disguising moisture and stains. Finish your look with a watch and a pair of low-top sneakers. This outfit is also the perfect choice for wearing a backpack or cross-body bag. 

  • Casual Pocket Tee with Drawstring Shorts 

The pocket tee takes the softness of the crew neck, and then adds subtle style to the mix. Boost your outfit’s storage space while you elevate your casual look. A black tee looks fresh with a pair of drawstring khaki-colored shorts. Match grey shorts with a clean white pocket tee or choose a dark blue hue like twilight. A shirt in a rich color like garnet will stand out with neutral shorts and tennis shoes. Pick an attractive hue like slate to go with green or blue shorts. 

White and grey pocket tees are the best match for printed drawstring shorts or swim trunks. If the print includes colors like red or navy, you can complement your look with a matching shirt. Sunglasses and a hat will make this ensemble ready for summer. Choose from baseball caps or bucket hats. Finish with a thin leather bracelet and a pair of surfer-inspired sunglasses. 

Casual Pocket Tee with Drawstring Shorts
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Feeling Comfortable and Stylish While You Travel 

Travel is a big part of the summer experience. Whether you’re going on a short drive or flying across the world, it’s important to choose the right men’s outfits. Classic, quality clothes will make you feel comfortable and confident. They’ll also help you pack lighter.

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