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7 Reasons Why Everyone Can’t Help But Fall In Love With Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds have been discovered since around 16 billion years ago. They are one of the oldest diamonds in the world. With their attractive colour and famous rarity, people can’t resist pink diamonds’ charm and value.

If you’re going to ask diamond experts or even jewelry enthusiasts, they know that Argyle pink diamonds are the best you can find. The Argyle Mine is located in Western Australia and had been operating from 1983 until November 2020.

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If you’re curious about the reasons why Argyle pink diamonds are irresistible, then don’t hesitate to check the list below!

1. They’re beautiful

The beauty that pink diamonds bring can make women feel more confident and lively. Moreover, it’s the most precious among fancy-coloured diamonds. It’s also a great option as an engagement ring.

The journey of pink diamonds started billion years ago when they’re still miles beneath the earth’s surface. They eventually travel through the help of volcanic eruptions and other weather conditions. When people discovered their beauty, the demand became higher.

2. They’re rare

Pink diamonds are rare. Among all diamonds produced in Argyle Mine, only around 1% are pink diamonds. In addition, not all pink diamonds in that 1% are sellable. Miners and cutters still need to eliminate those that can’t be sold.

When the Argyle Mine stopped its production, they released the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender which was the last collection. Sadly, according to experts, there are around 500 pink diamonds left undiscovered.

The Pink Star diamond is one of the most popular pink diamonds, which is recorded to sell for 71.2 million dollars in Hong Kong. It’s around 59 carats with an almost perfect GIA grade.

3. They’re mysterious

Did you know that there are no identical pink diamonds? That’s why they are unique in their ways.

Another mysterious fact about pink diamonds is how they turned pink. According to scientists, defects create colours in diamonds. However, when it comes to pink diamonds, the specific defect is yet to be discovered. Some say that it’s because of its crystallisation process, but it’s not yet directly proven.

4. They’re a good investment

Why are pink diamonds a good investment? Well, with the closing of the Argyle Mine, the value of Argyle pink diamonds became three times higher. Experts believe that as years passed, the demand will get higher since there’s not enough supply.

It’s said that pink diamonds are a good investment since 2014. Apart from being one of the pieces of jewelry that can be paired with lots of outfits, they can also be financially useful in the future.

5. They can be paired with different metals

Whether you want your Argyle pink diamonds on your bracelet, necklace, earrings, or engagement ring, you’ll still look gorgeous. However, it’s also important to consider the right metal to pair with your pink diamonds to maximise the sparkles.

Avoid choosing a metal that will make your pink diamonds look worthless. Stick to simple metal to enhance the sparkles of your diamonds.

Rose gold and white gold are the best options for pink diamond jewelry. They can enhance the pink in your diamond.

6. They can be paired with different outfits

Are you going to attend something casual, formal, or a cocktail party? You won’t have to worry about the accessories if you have Argyle pink diamonds jewelry. It’ll be easy to mix and match outfits because pink diamonds have the sparkles to top it off.

You can even wear basic tees and pants with an Argyle pink diamond necklace, and you’ll still look stunning. Even wearing a simple little black dress will steal everyone’s attention as long as you’re pairing it with pink diamond jewelry.

7. They symbolise love

During the 16th century, pink was associated with delight and happiness. Nowadays, it’s been related to innocence, kindness, and love.

Just like pink, Argyle pink diamonds also symbolise love in all its forms especially when pink diamonds became a popular option for engagement rings. However, pink diamonds aren’t just for romantic love. Even the love for family and friends can genuinely symbolise pink diamonds.

Since pink diamonds contain secondary colours such as orange, purple, and brown, you can also add another symbolism based on the secondary colour. For example, if you have an Argyle pink diamond ring with a brown undertone, you can say that your love has inner peace and clarity.

Now that your second thoughts are gone, you can now start choosing the right pink diamonds for you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to share with us how your first Argyle pink diamond encounter went by leaving a comment below!

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