8 Pair of shoes that every man needs in 2023

8 Pair of shoes that every man needs in 2023

Shoes are the one piece of accessory which completes a man’s dapper outfit. So, guys, it’s time to kick out the crocs and the flip-flops, because if you want anything but the best, you shouldn’t settle for anything less. Today, there are different types of shoes for men, so you don’t have to wear your sneakers everywhere. 

From shoes for work to shoes for a date to shoes for a casual day out, there is no dearth of shoes for men these days. If you are looking forward to buying yourself a few pairs, check out this guide where we help you with the 8 best types that you buy shoes for men.

  • The Chelsea boots: If you love going to parties on Friday nights straight after work, the Chelsea boots are the best choice because they are the best representative of work meets casual. Falling somewhere between boots and dress shoes, these shoes will add a perfect touch of modernisation to your look.
  • The dress sneakers: Everybody loves a pair of sneakers because of how comfortable they are. Sneakers are a rage these days because they blend well with almost every casual outfit. These dress sneakers can gel well with your T-shirts and semi-casual shirts, which you can pair with jeans or chinos, or even shorts.
  • Trainers: For those who want things to flow smoothly, a pair of trainers is the right choice because these shoes are easy to slip in and take off. These shoes help you power through on hectic days. These shoes are ideal for laid-back weekends when you want to chill in comfortable joggers and T-shirts. 
  • The Chukka boots: These shoes can go from formal to supremely casual. But instead of wearing them to your office, you can opt for them when going for a business-casual meeting. These shoes work well when you have to meet a client at a cafe.
  • The loafers: These easy slip-on shoes rank high in style and are the best low-key footwear to have some fun in. These shoes easily fall between semi-formal and casual, so you can wear them to work and even on a date night with your bae. 
  • The service boots: These look a little bit old-fashioned because they are based on military boots, but they give out the ‘tough guy’ vibe. If you are someone who’d love to flaunt their muscles in a tight T-shirt and distressed denim, these shoes for men are an ideal choice to complement your ripped look with.
  • The Oxfords: If you want to be a class apart, the Oxfords are the right choice. You can wear them to work and even to black tie events and exude nothing but elegance and confidence.
  • The dress boots: If you wear these dress boots to any event such as weddings, you will easily be noticed as the best-dressed guy in the room, without stealing away the groom’s thunder. Pair them with your classic suit and outshine the other groomsmen easily.

 You can now buy shoes for men online without any hassles if you are sure about your feet size. These shoes cater to different occasions without compromising on your style.

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