9 Fun Family Easter Outfit Ideas

Easter Outfit Ideas

It’s time to gather your family to coordinate matching Easter outfits. We’re talking about some seriously coordinated cuteness with your family for the spring season. Whether you’re taking professional photos on Easter morning or just looking for cute selfies at the Easter egg hunt, find yourself a pretty spring dress and get inspired by these Easter outfits. You and the whole family will love any of these nine fun family Easter outfit ideas!


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  1. Matching All White Easter Outfits — If you’ve been searching for cute clothes for women and the rest of the family, here’s an easy way to get your Easter outfits all coordinated. This spring, wear all-white Easter outfits. That means everyone wears white: You can wear a white top and white skirt while your daughter wears a pretty white dress and your son rocks a white polo and white trousers. You can mix different shades of white like eggshell white and ivory as well.
  2. Matching Florals — Nothing says spring quite like floral clothing, and you’ll love getting the family all dressed up for Easter in matching florals. For a mommy-and-me look you and your child will love, you two can dress up in matching floral dresses! Because floral prints can be rather bold, especially if you’re taking professional photos, you can help balance out the look by pairing floral pieces with neutral-toned items. For example, a floral top looks great with denim. If you’re going to be wearing a floral skirt, balance out your outfit with a plain white blouse.
  3. Chambray and Embroidery — Chambray and embroidered pieces are a great option for your family’s Easter looks! Chambray is a type of lightweight cotton, most often found in shades of blue. When styling chambray and embroidered pieces together, keep it relatively simple. Just like florals can be a bit of a bold choice, embroidered pieces can also be busy, so you’ll want the rest of your outfit to have neutral tones or solid colors. Play around with proportions like a fitted chambray jacket over a flowy dress.
  4. Coordinated Blues and Whites — Blue and white is another classic color combination for Easter. When styling blue and white together, you don’t just have to stick to solids. You can also mix patterns like blue and white stripes or blue and white gingham. Try playing around with different shades of blue and white as well. Your kids can all wear powder blue, while you and your hubby wear light blue or navy.
  5. Pretty Pastels — Another spring classic is pastels. These soft, muted colors add a playful spring touch to any ensemble. Mix and match different pastel combinations like mint green and lavender together to create charming palettes. Balance out the softness of these pretty pastel colors with neutral colors like beige and gray. You can even play around with different textures like chunky knit sweaters in powder blue or linen pants in a soft pink.
  6. Get with Gingham — Let’s go gaga for gingham for Easter! There are plenty of ways for you and the family to enjoy this classic spring pattern. Try trendy tops with a gingham pattern or a playful gingham dress. When styling gingham, you can wear matching gingham from head to toe, such as a gingham top with gingham shorts or a skirt. The whole family will love wearing gingham all over, or each of you can wear one gingham piece to coordinate, yet all have your own unique look.
  7. Easter Bunny Shirts — If your kids love giving bunny ears in photos, why not complete the look with matching Easter bunny shirts? For a laidback and comfortable look, pair Easter bunny shirts with jeans and low-top white sneakers. For a dressier twist on the Easter bunny graphic tees, tuck the Easter bunny top into a skirt or tailored trousers and add on jewelry and dress shoes.
  8. Sweet Seersucker — When you think about seersucker, you probably think about a classic seersucker suit. While seersucker suits are definitely a classic, wearing seersucker isn’t just for suits. According to Town & Country, traditional seersucker fabric comes in blue and white, but you can also wear seersucker shorts, shirts, and skirts! Consider wearing matching seersucker outfits so you can wear a seersucker skirt or dress while the kids wear seersucker shirts and pants.
  9. All About Overalls — Overalls aren’t just for the young ones in the family. You, your partner, and the whole family can dress up for Easter with overalls! You can keep it casual by pairing denim overalls with a tee and sneakers, or dress it up a bit more by wearing overalls with a blouse and statement jewelry. If it’s chilly outside, layer the overalls with a sweater or long-sleeved top for extra warmth.
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From mommy-and-me dresses to adorable overalls for you, your hubby, and your little man, you’ll love these Easter looks that work well for whenever you want to get a bit dressier this entire spring. These color schemes and patterns are quintessentially spring, so you and the family will love any excuse to rock your cozy and cute sweaters when that brisk spring breeze rolls in.

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