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Best Men Sneakers 2021: Greatest Sneaker Brands In The World

Best Men Sneakers 2021

From Balenciaga to Gucci and Tod’s, the sneaker world is full of styles to add luxury to a man’s wardrobe. Unlike earlier, sneakers are a wardrobe staple in 2021. Today, they are not only paired with casual clothes like jeans but also with business attire like suits. Also, there are sneakers that you can wear to the gym and even to parties.

If you are thinking of adding a pair of branded sneakers to your collection for versatility, we’ve shortlisted some of the greatest sneakers brands to buy without paying a fortune. 

Sports – Nike

In the shoe world, Nike is one of the most reputable and trusted names. From famous athletes to the general public, people from different parts of the society are admirers of Nike’s sneaker silhouettes.  

Apart from stylish designs and quality material, the brand uses the most advanced technology to let you experience the best of sneakers. 

Sports – Adidas

When it comes to buying sneakers, the biggest confusion buyers face is: Nike or Adidas? Similar to Nike, Adidas is a favourite shoe brand for countless people around the world, which include world-class sportspersons and celebrities. 

Founded in 1949, the German brand is a good choice for hip-hop, unique, and comfortable sneakers. 

Sports – Reebok

If there is any shoe brand in the world that gives tough competition to Nike and Adidas, it is Reebok. Offering a charming dose of British shoe style, the iconic brand has been making stylish, comfortable shoes for a long time. 

Although Reebok never lost its aim to create timeless products, it has some of the most amazing sneakers to make you feel comfortable and confident. 

Chunky: Balenciaga 

Ask sneakers lovers, and you’ll come to know that chunky is the new cool. When there are discussions on chunky sneakers, one name that immediately pops up is Balenciaga. Over the last few years, the Spanish brand has revolutionized the entire shoe world through its sleek yet chunky sneakers. 

Today, Balenciaga sells a wide range of cool shoes to match your style and personality.

Embroidered: Gucci

Men who want to add something unique to their shoe collection can invest in the new Gucci Ace. These are embroidered low-top sneakers that allow you to experience the luxury of Gucci and the comfort of sneakers. 

Apart from that, the renowned fashion house features a huge collection of sneakers to add versatility, comfort, and style to your collection. 

Luxury: Maison Margiela

The Belgian brand is well-known for its unique yet interesting designs that let people showcase their personality through their shoes. Popular for its luxurious product collection, Maison Margiela uses the highest quality materials and develops some exciting designs to offer buyers more than just an average pair of sneakers. 

Leather: Tod’s

Are you thinking of getting sneakers that can be paired with formal and casual clothes, invest in Italian footwear brand Tod’s? Using quality leather, the shoemaker has been making luxury sneakers to pair with casual and formal outfits. 

The experienced brand applies its iconic artisan techniques to create some sporty kicks for its customers. 

These are some trendy, in-style, and gorgeous sneakers that have been ruling the modern shoe world. Don’t hesitate to add all of them to showcase your love for sneakers. 

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