Five Summer Fashion Pieces You Need to Have

Summer Fashion

Summer is right around the corner…which means we gotta look summertime fine.

Weather changing is that the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe.

I have to say…this year’s trends could be my favorite so far; I’m loving the brilliant looks, vintage revivals, and statement pieces.

There’s nothing simple about this year’s style, it’s daring but yet still feminine.

Here are my 5 personal favorites for this summer because you still got to look chic-in-the -heat!


These tops are definitely a hot summer trend, exposing those necklines makes the looks more fun and flattering.
This gives you more room to play with accessories, since open necklines will support just about anything from dainty chains, to statement chokers, or bold earrings. So you can really have fun dressing up your off the shoulder looks.
I’m wearing an embroidered choker with this top, adding the perfect pop of color.


Wearing these vibrant coloured earrings is an easy way you can dress up any simple/casual outfit. So the days you don’t really feel like dressing up you can always just wear a pair of bold earrings (like the ones pictured below) with a simple dress or top to complete your look.


What’s not to love about slip and slides, they’re definitely a summer must-have. I personally love wearing sandals that are easy to slip on but also look cute with any outfit.

The sandals I’m wearing below are the prettiest gold sandals. They can literally be worn with any outfit! Be it a dress, jeans, or shorts. Trust me…they will MAKE your outfit.


Straw bags are making a comeback this summer but a little different this time.
They have become more than just a bag for the beach. It is now becoming an everyday bag, they come in all different sizes and shapes now. You can even find them in mini crossover body style. And…you can customize them with your own tassel or pompom attachments.


I’m loving this retro print…it is so fresh and cool. You can find it on shirts, dresses, skirts and pants.
This print is mostly paired with frills, ruffles, or ties and looks so cute for this summer.
You can pull this print off for multiple occasions, from your workweek to your weekend, look at different ways this print can be styled and worn.

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