Golden Rules to Remember while Purchasing a Bra

Golden Rules to Remember while Purchasing a Bra

Bras are one of the most basic essentials in any woman’s wardrobe. Consequently, bras are also the one thing that requires the most thought and careful consideration at the time of purchase. The size, fabrics, types, quantities all matter a lot as you always want to be stocked up on the right bras. The right bra is a very important component of any outfit, the right one can elevate the entire look, and the wrong one can just as easily ruin it. Shopping for bras can be a tricky affair if you don’t know how to go about it, so here are a few golden rules to remember that will be of help:

  • Fit and Size: This is the most important aspect as a loose fit will offer inadequate support, and bras too tight will cause problems by cutting off blood circulation in your breasts. Remember to properly measure over your breasts along with the band size under your breasts for the right size. The bra should have a snug fit, and the straps should sit comfortably on your shoulder without digging into the skin.
  • Fabric: Most bras are made of either organic fabrics like cotton or stretchable fabrics like spandex, lycra, etc. You can save organic fabrics for everyday use as they allow your skin to breathe well. Whereas with stretchable fabrics, you have to take into account the stretchable component. Make sure the bra fits firmly on the first hook so if it stretches later, you can still use the last hook to tighten it. This way, you can use your bras for a longer time.
  • Quantity and Quality: Always stock up on good bras, both in terms of quality and quantity, when you find the one that works for you. This will save you a great deal of money in the long run as you will have to replace your bras less often. With a higher quantity, you will never have to worry about not having a bra for any occasion.
  • Care Instructions: This is a commonly overlooked point that contributes to the quick deterioration of your bra’s quality. It is important that the care instructions are followed to ensure the fabric is best cared for along with hooks, buttons and other closure techniques.
  • Types: No one bra can work for all your different outfits, so make sure you have a good amount of different types. Pushup bras, underwire bras or even sports bras can be reserved for everyday use but apart from that, take a look at strapless bras, t-shirt bras, bralettes, etc., in neutral colours that go with everything.

With these tips, you’re bound to have a collection full of all the right bras. Another important thing to remember is that bra shopping is highly efficient when done online, especially as it eliminates all the unnecessary and often awkward conversations with the seller. Taking a look at reviews and model pictures, you can find the right bras from Zivame’s extensive range. Packed with the best products at great prices, Zivame has everything you need, so start shopping!


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