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Have better sleeping experience with Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


Do you want a better sleep experience instead of waking up in the morning with neck pain and stiffness? If yes, then you can use a bamboo memory foam pillow that has the ability to provide great support to your neck and promote better alignment of the spine.

In this article, you’ll learn more about bamboo Memory Foam Pillow and how it enhances your sleeping experience.

Sleepsia Cervical Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Benefits of bamboo memory foam pillow

Bamboo pillows made with memory foam enhance your sleeping experience by providing comfort and pressure relief. The cover is made with bamboo rayon fabric and the pillow fill is made of memory foam.

Here are the varieties of bamboo memory foam pillows:

  • Shredded memory foam pillow
  • Solid memory foam pillow
  • Memory foam pillow with cooling gel

In this article, we’ll take a look at each.

But despite multiple varieties, there are a few common advantages of using a memory foam pillow.

Improves support to the neck: Memory foam can mold according to the shape of your head and neck. Upon molding, the pillows perfectly cradles the neck and supports it throughout the night.

Because of increased support, the pressure on your neck decreases, giving it the required time needed to heal.

Promotes alignment: Upon molding, memory foam pillows promote better alignment of your head and neck with the rest of the spine.

Because of proper alignment, the neck joints can relax and avoid the wear and tear commonly seen in people who use traditional pillows.

Durable: Memory foam is very famous for being highly durable. It has a unique composition which makes it a very dense material.

It’s this density that makes this material durable. Dust can’t permeate the surface, so the pillow is naturally resistant to dust, dust mites, and molds.

Hypoallergenic: Do you have sensitive skin or are allergic to dust and dust mites?

If yes, then you don’t have to worry about the same when using a foam pillow. 

As dust can’t build up in the pillow, dust mites won’t be able to live on it. So the pillow becomes naturally hypoallergenic.

Shredded memory foam pillow

When it comes to pillows, you often need to try various sizes in order to find the one that suits your body type. But Shredded Memory Foam Pillow obviates the need of this hit and trial method. You can simply get one of these pillows and change the height and firmness of the pillow by adjusting the amount of shredded memory foam in the pillowcase.

Cooling gel memory foam pillows

Some memory foam pillows come with cooling gel to offer relief from body heat.

Memory foam generally absorbs body heat to become more viscous and to shape according to the curves of your body. Cooling gel pillows come with both solid and shredded memory foam.

Pillow Protectors

Benefits of bamboo Pillow Covers

Covers made with several materials are available on the market. Some are made with synthetic fiber and others natural. But the most important things to look at are a covering softness and moisture absorbing capabilities.

Bamboo Pillow covers can further enhance your sleeping experience by providing the following benefits:

Very soft: A bamboo cover is super soft and does not irritate your skin. Whereas traditional covers made of materials such as cotton cause friction against the skin. If you want the beauty sleep that you deserve, then opt for a bamboo pillow protector.

Environment friendly: Bamboo covers are environment friendly, as they’re derived from the bamboo plant, which requires very little water and pesticides.

Breathable: When selecting a pillow cover, you should go with one that is breathable and enables hot air captured inside the pillow to escape, preventing the pillow from overheating.

Wicks sweat: Bamboo pillow protectors wick away sweat and moisture and prevent your pillow from becoming a petri dish for acne causing bacteria. 


Bamboo memory foam pillows provide great relief to your cervical spine and promote better sleep posture. Further, they’re hypoallergenic and highly durable, which makes them completely worth your investment.


  1. Which cover should I choose for a memory foam pillow?
  2. As mentioned in the article, you should go for a bamboo pillow cover, as it provides comfort and absorbs moisture. It’ll give you the beauty sleep that you deserve.
  3. Do all memory foam pillows come with a bamboo cover?
  4. No. Not all memory foam pillows come with a bamboo cover. However, if you purchase a bamboo foam pillow, then it’ll come with a bamboo pillow protector.
  5. Are these pillows long lasting?
  6. Yes, they are. As they’re made with memory foam, they can easily last for more than 5 years. However, you may have to change the bamboo cover after a year or two.

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