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How to Apply Mascara: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Apply Mascara

Makeup today is a medium for voicing out your emotions and opinions. It is as visually impactful as the media, and there’s no second thought about it. Budding adults or teenagers have inhibited this idea of applying makeup to express themselves.

Beginning with the basics, each of those looks has something to say. Mascara is one of the important makeup products that helps enhance your eyes. It mainly focuses on adding volume to the lashes while making the eyes appear more natural. There are different types of mascaras that focus on enhancing specific aspectof your lashes.

Further, each mascara has its individual quality like waterproof, growth booster, volumizing, length improvement, defining, etc. There are different types of mascaras that you can select from but to decide on the same, let us help you gain some knowledge.

Types of Mascara

  • Liquid: A liquid mascara is a water-based mascara (mainly) that spreads evenly and makes lashes appear more beautiful.
  • Powder:Powder mascara, unlike dry mascara, is a liquidy-dry formula that fits evenly on your lashes. It worked magically on almost invisible lashes. The technique has become obsolete. However, makeup enthusiasts use loose powder over regular mascara to enhance the lashes.
  • Cream: Cream mascaras are mostly water-proof. They come in tubes that prevent drying. The texture of cream mascaras is more viscous, which calls for a professional to apply it evenly.

Easy Steps to Apply Mascara Hassle-Free

  • Clean your lashes thoroughly: Cleaning the lashes thoroughly here refers to the fact that there is no previous makeup on. Beginning with a clean pair of lashes will provide an even surface to play with. This will additionally help you understand your lashes better. For a beginner, it is already difficult to apply mascara, then if they are packed with makeup, the product might not do justice to the lashes. Thus, always wear mascara on clean lashes to prevent any blunders.
  • Begin by curling the lashes: Lash curling is an important process to intake as it will help you understand the direction of your lashes. Plus, this technique will also bring to notice tiny or almost invisible lashes. This way, you would know where and how to apply the mascara. Also, allows you to determine the area that calls for more of your attention. You can buy a lash curler to uplift your lashes. It is easy to use and one can find it in the local market hassle-free.
  • Apply mascara on the lashes: Here comes the trickiest part of all i.e. applying the mascara. Once you are done curling the lashes, take up your wand and apply the mascara at the lower lash slowly. Now, use the wand upwards out to apply mascara on the upper lashes. Use two coats to make the lashes appear thicker and voluminous. Repeat this process on the other eye and witness a fuller eye look. Applying mascara is a bit critical if you are new to the game. So, buy mascara that does not fall after drying.
  • Even out using a spoolie brush: Next in the line is to even out the mascara using a spoolie brush. This practice is very significant to the whole process of applying mascara. It is because using a spoolie brush to even out the mascara will further facilitate separating the lashes besides elevating their appearance. We cannot omit the fact that eyes speak louder so make them worth it with a good-quality mascara.
  • Let it dry: More often than not, especially in hurry, we rush to the event without giving ample time for the mascara to dry out. This is a common practice that leads to the mascara getting smudged and deteriorating the complete makeup. Therefore, if you do not wish to spoil the effort you’ve put to apply that mascara, give it enough time to dry. In contrast, you can also invest in an instant dry mascara that will help you rush to the occasion without fear of getting the mascara smudged.

Quick Tips & Tricks

  • Mascara Wand: Mascara wand is an unmissable thing when it comes to mascara. Be aware that a wrong mascara brush can really spoil it for you. So, choosing the right wand is something you have to take care of when buying mascara. A spoolie is a go-to wand for everyone as it helps separate and even out the lashes.
  • Output Expected: A mascara can offer you different types of finishes like volume boosting, lash-lengthening, waterproofing, etc. Yes, one can definitely buy mascara as per the output they expect. This strategy will help you select nearly an appropriate product.
  • Color: Similar to our eyeliners, the mascaras come in different colorstoo. If you pre-decide the color of mascara that you want, you would know where to find it. This technique helps you land the right brand or store while saving your time.


From the knowledge about mascara to the step for applying it, we have tried to provide you with a gist about mascaras. If you have never used mascara and are a beginner hoping to try it, we would recommend you begin with liquid mascara having a spoolie wand. Also, keep in mind to not fall for any random brand because that may spoil your experience.

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