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How to Clean and Care for Your Sports Shoes: Tips and Tricks to Make Them Last Longer

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are the most significant piece of gear. Cushioning foam helps soak up the rehearsed impact your body takes during an exhausting workout session or a lengthy run, and the heavy outsole rubber gives you refined traction and adds longevity to the shoe. No matter what sports shoes you cop, still, they will not prevail for long. The glove-like fit will turn sloppy, the rubbery step will turn mushy and sluggish, and the outsole will misplace its tread and wear down to the sole. But making your sports shoes last longer is easy with the correct care. Listed below is a list of some easy practices you can get habitual to in order to make certain you get the most out of your sports shoes – 

  1. Give your shoes some rest Just like your body needs rest, shoes require rest days too. When the foam gets squeezed and sweaty, it needs a moment to bounce back and dry out. Well, if you own more than one pair of sports shoes then you can let the 1st pair relax for a day or two and wear alternate sports shoes. This way your initial pair of shoes will get the much-needed break they deserve and they will last longer too. Plus, if you wear two different pairs of sports shoes, a slight modification in stack height or heel-to-toe level can aid toughen the fragile muscles in your feet and legs. 
  2. Dry your shoes with newspaper If the shoes have got wet due to sweat, take out the in-soles and dry them individually. Although it helps to hang them or place them in such a way that the water can run out fluently. Then stuff them with newspaper to soak up the remaining water, but keep in mind to remove the paper after 2-3 hours so that the shoes can dry out naturally. To get the water out of the laces, just get a paper towel and run it from the eyelets to the aglets. Never put the shoes in a tumble dryer or try to rush the procedure by positioning them in direct sun or on a radiator, as this will affect the glues that are utilised to bind all trainers together. Rather clean your sports shoes by hand.
  3. Give your shoes some space Keep shoes far from heat or direct sun. Don’t strand them in a hot automobile, this dries up, shrinks, and hardens the midsole, which reduces the longevity and cushioning. Sports shoes can break down when you’re not running, so don’t pile them under your leather boots or other heavy shoes. The uppers are bendy, and squashing them wears them down. Storing your sports shoes somewhere high above usually does the trick. That way, they can stay in the living area of the house(veranda, storage room, bedroom) but not get in the way or nibbled by your fur babies.

Take them off carefully – Take the time to untie and slack the laces before taking off your shoes. Slipping them off using your other bottom may be quick, but it puts a lot of strain on the heel collar and laces. This causes them to stretch out and misplace their shape, which means that after a while your sports shoes will not fit you the same.

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