How To Determine Your Price Points For Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) are considered the biggest shopping days for customers. It takes an intelligent planning strategy for e-commerce business owners to make huge profits in a shopping season. But is that all more than enough? Not at all! It is very crucial as well to start thinking and planning earlier for the upcoming BFCM. Also, a free percentage discount calculator can help you a lot to calculate discounts that you will be offering to consumers. This will yield huge profits at the end of the day for sure.

But planning is itself not a full package. This context is basically arranged to help you people in preparing for BFCM, thereby increasing your sales.

Read on!

Start With Your Break-Even Start Point:

A minimum price that you would be charging for an item including its flat price plus the profit is a break-even price. Well, it is not that much easy. But wait! I am here to assist you! What you need to do first is to use a discount calculator by to ensure the maximum discounts that you will to your customers.

Also, if you are running an online store, you always have to keep in mind the hosting fee, sales taxes, and other payments before you set a break price.

Keep An Eye On The Competition:

Yes, Gathering more ideas for your Black Friday Cyber Monday deals enhances your revenues. But this could only be possible if you consistently pay heed to competition’s market efforts. Here you can use an advanced discount calculator to compare their packages with yours. Also, you can subscribe to your competitor’s emails to stay up to date regarding campaigns they are working on.

Sell gift cards:

You must do a couple of things. First, it must be mandatory for you to offer gift cards to your valuable customers. You should prepare some deals, prepare catchy gift cards, and give them to the buyers to create more interest for shopping. Second, you must track your revenues and with the help of using a free best sale percentage calculator. This will surely catch a huge audience towards your store. 

Never Neglect The Human Element:

Most people wish to feel a personnel connection among them and their favorite e-commerce business brands. What they value is fast and excellent service, thereby making them even pay more for it. Even if you are running a small e-commerce business, a good planning strategy can help you run on the track smoothly and earn more.

Test Your e-Commerce Website:

This is indeed the most crucial of all. You must validate whether your website is capable of holding huge traffic without crashing or not. Making an online store on huge channels like Shopify or amazon can help you escalate your sales. This is because they have invested a lot of their time to ensure their servers work fastly.

Last Words:

Good Black Friday Cyber Monday campaigns always ensure a healthy profit gain for you. Also, a free discount calculator assists you to manage your sales by setting up a discount on items that sounds good. So why so late? Stick to the guide and enhance your customers to make them your loyal shoppers. Happy shopping season all around!

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