How To Pick The Right Colour For Your Suits

Your Complete Guide To Choose Perfect Suit Colour

Before you add a new suit to your wardrobe, here we share our expert tips to help you pick the most befitting suit colour. After all, the impressions tailored suits create depend on colour, pattern, weave, and construction. This write-up focuses on the importance of the shade of the suit.  

No one can deny how colour plays a key role in creating those crucial first impressions. The colour of the suit instantly speaks to the onlooker’s eyes. And if you want the world to take you seriously, you need to know the right suit colour. Because not every suit colour is right for all places and all occasions. Your host may find it rude if you are not in the befitting shade.

Can’t-Miss Things To Consider While Choosing Colour of Suit Fabrics

Every suit shop Adelaide offers plenty of hues, fabrics, and patterns. But different places and occasions call for different dress codes. At the same time, some colours are suitable to wear for almost any event. Check these tips and you will never be labeled as a sore thumb in any gathering. 

Learn Staple Suit Colours

Are you going to wear your custom tailored suits on rarely and only if they are mandatory? Then, choose the staple colours. These suits will be certain all-purpose and acceptable everywhere. They will never make you look out of place regardless of the occasion.

  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Charcoal Gray

The best thing about choosing staples is that they would look pretty on most men. And they will work in corporate setups as well as galas. They are also the perfect wedding dress Adelaide grooms wear on any day. Even if you are wearing suits frequently, these classic shades are smarter choices. They are timeless and beyond any designer vogue likely to fade away with time. 

Colour Options For Black-Tie Event Suits 

Any of the above staple colours would work for black-tie events like galas. But you can always venture out to try other options as well. But also remember that such events might have dress codes. Hence if you want to go for non-staple colours, midnight blue or dark navy blue are the best options. Never make the mistake of going for trendy informal colors for black tie events.  

Wedding Suit Colours

If it’s your wedding, it’s all about you and you have all right to break the rule. The groom’s wedding suits in Adelaide today are made in navy, black, gray, tan, white, green, and even red and burgundy. You can go crazy and creative with styling your suit as well. All you need to do is hire bespoke tailors with a keen eye for suit construction and styling. Also, choose the suit colour considering the place and time of your wedding.

For summer and spring weddings, pastels and whites are popular. While in the fall and winter weddings, grooms are going for greens, rust, maroon, navy, and other jewel tones. Vibrant blue shades and navy are timeless. But deep red and white teal are trendy.

When To Wear White Suits 

Modern men can make the sharpest fashion statement with white and its variations. Apart from white, men today love to go for variations like beige and creamy white, and off-white. Natural suits are great for cocktail events too. White is the first thing grooms prefer for summer galas and beach weddings. When you are up for a summery suit, choose breathable fabric preferably linen blends. White suits need to be pulled off well and you are sure to achieve that billion-dollar look! But avoid wearing white for strictly formal events. 

How To Choose Colours Of Business Suits

Don’t go by the popular opinion of choosing black for all suits. Black is for very formal occasions. If you are looking for business wear, go for dark blue, grey, and charcoal. Avoid choosing bold patterns and lighter shades like sky blue, lilac, beige, and off-white. Lighter shades are suitable for casual weddings, parties, and corporate beach parties.

Go Colourful With Restraints  

Now let us move beyond the enduring staple colours. Modern fashion is about experimenting with more colors and patterns. But never forget less is more! Here are some tips to help you if you are looking to pick a vibrant outfit that suits weddings and other occasions.

  1. With pastel suit colours, use lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton blends. Make it a single-breasted suit with a slim and neat cut.
  2. Also, the color should suit the seasons. Darker colours would be harsh on you in warmer days. Pick cooler natural hues to make the heat bearable. 
  3. If you are not confident about going for colours, use them in small quantities. Like, how about drawing attention with a bold tie or pocket square rather than a bold suit colour? 
  4. If you are hellbent on buying a bolder one, focus on a perfect fit and styling details. 
  5. Choose softer construction like the single-breasted style, minimal shoulder padding, and patch pockets. 
  6. Experimenting is a great thing but these tips will help you to make them smarter. There is nothing wrong with going tonal with greens and rich browns. You can dare to try it out!
  7. Remember that if you pick a trending one, it may go out of fashion. The same is not with charcoal and navy blue.
  8. Skin tones matter! Darker skin tones go well with anything from lilac and pink to green and red-brown. 
  9. Pale skin tones look great with bolder shades like bottle green, navy, grey, and brown.
  10. Balance the bold suit jacket by pairing it with shirts and accessories of milder tones.

And you should also know when and where you can venture beyond the standard suit colours. Ultimately, it all depends on the purpose of the suit and how you are going to use it. Wearing green and purple is a great way to stand out but it just won’t work for every event. Last but not the least, hire the services of an established tailor for your outfit. Check his prior experience of tailoring versatile custom tailored suits Adelaide.

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