How To Style Yourself During Workout

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There’s many reasons as to why people work out, from getting in shape to sustaining a positive mental wellbeing. However, sometimes it can feel frustrating deciding what to wear. When it comes to clothing choices, some people prefer fashion, whereas others may prefer comfort. We’re writing this today to put forward that happy medium for those of us that fall in-between. From sports bras, to tops, to high waisted gym leggings – there is a wide variety of options when it comes to combining fitness and fashion.

Does it really matter what clothing you wear at the gym / working out? 

There are plenty of reasons as to why you should dress appropriately when working out. Some of these reasons being;

Body Temperature : Many pieces of clothing (including those made from mostly cotton) may become insufferable to wear past a certain point of exercising. Maintaining an average body temperature will not only incline you to work out longer, but will also make the activity of working a lot more enjoyable.

Comfort : No one likes to be uncomfortable, especially when working out. Finding that balance between comfort and fashion is highly important in order to push yourself further and feel great whilst doing so.

Preventing injury : This one may sound like a stretch, but it’s not. Wearing sportswear has shown to prevent overheating, strain, cramping and more.

Is it really possible to look stylish whilst exercising? 

Of course! Many sportswear brands (including AraaActive) give that perfect balance between trending fashion and comfortability.

Most sportswear products are made from Nylon material, making them stretchy, breathable and sweat wicking, however, this specific type of fabric consists of a very energy-hungry production process which eventually leads to more damage done to our planet. However, there is a solution.

A handful of up-and-coming brands are taking initiative and using more sustainable practises when producing their materials; using recycled nylon in order to create clothing products such as recycled gym leggings, bras, tops and more.

Can’t seem to find sustainable, high fashion sportswear? We got you. 

Here are a collection of highly recommended sportswear pieces to rock during your next workout:

ACE Sports Bra (black) 

This high impact sports bra will not only provide you comfort and support – but also look great with any pair of leggings / gym shorts. Made from recycled nylon, this sports bra contains moisture wicking fabric. Stylish, simple and clean.

Get these matching high waisted gym leggings to complete the look.

AURA Racerback Top (pink) 

Fancy a lighter coloured outfit? This dusty coloured, light pink sports top (made from super soft stretchy fabric) is perfect for any kind of workout.

Why not get the set? → Fit Leggings

In need of a more winter-based outfit? No problem.


RIVER Long Sleeve Top (blue)

This seamless one piece design will keep you warm and cozy during your workouts, with it’s quarter zip to front giving your outfit character.

Matching bicycle shorts → RIVER Bicycle Shorts

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