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Men’s Summer Beach Looks Styling

Men’s Summer Beach Looks

Summer is here, and while the heat and sweat can be unbearable, summer also brings in the beach and the sunshine. It is the perfect time to head to the beach and have some fun. Sipping on your favourite cooler while lazing around on the beach is definitely something to look forward to.

Given the heat and the exposure to the sun, your summer beach look must include airy and light clothing that makes your experience more pleasurable. While women can flaunt their bikinis or summer dresses, it always becomes a difficult task for a man to style his outfit. If you are someone who loves heading out to the beach in the summer and is clueless about beach look styling, then this blog post is perfect for you!

In this post, we will look at the top 10 looks for a man to wear during the summer on a beach!

  1. Vest with Bermuda Shorts: A vest is something that adds style and is also quite light and airy. Pairing it with a pair of Bermuda shorts can complete your look. It’s both casual and fashionable and looks great on all guys.
  2. Cotton Shirts with Shorts: Now, if you prefer something that is more covered, cotton shirts never go out of style. You can find them in multiple sizes, colours and patterns. Pairing a cotton shirt with plain shorts can complete your summer beach look. To add to it, you can keep the buttons open and wear a comfy slip-on. Check out the different types of shirts that every man must have and pick your favourite for the beach now!
  3. Baseball cap + loose vest + denim shorts: If you want to stay protected from the scorching heat, a cap works wonderfully in such a situation. Pair a baseball cap with a loose vest and denim shorts to complete another summer beach look. This one is perfect to make a style statement and is extremely comfortable.
  4. Linen Co-ord set: If you wish to up your fashion game, opt for a set of linen co-ord. This pair of matching shirts and flowy pants make your entire outfit more put together, even though you have hardly put in any effort. Linen is also very light and ensures that there is a good amount of airflow throughout your body.
  5. Floral shirts and track pants: If you have been under the impression that floral prints are specific to women, then you are sadly mistaken! In recent fashion trends, there has been a considerable preference of men toward floral patterns. Floral shirts add to the whole beachy vibe and make you look stylish. As a tip, always buy a loose floral shirt instead of afitting one, this will ensure that a flowy pattern adds to the overall look. Pair a floral shirt with track pants to complete your summer beach look.
  6. Baggy Tee with Joggers: Nothing provides more comfort than a baggy t-shirt, and pairing this with a fitting jogger will complete your summer beach look. A baggy tee accentuates your summer vibe and looks appealing as well. This look can also be termed a great hip-hop inspired look if you pair this with additional accessories. This summer look is bound to make you stay relaxed throughout your beach day!
  7. Polo t-shirts with shorts: A basic crew neck t-shirt can be replaced by a polo t-shirt to accentuate a beachy summer look! Pairing it with cotton shorts will ensure maximum comfort and give you a stylish outfit. The entire look can be completed with a pair of loafers that are most comfortable to walk on the beach and have a runway-like appeal. Tuck it in with a belt or keep it out, whatever suits your style.
  8. A T-shirt with cargo trousers: We totally get it, if you feel shorts may not suit you. Or i if you feel shorts as a style statement is overly done for a beach outfit. Cargo’s act as a perfect addition to your wardrobe to complete your summer beach look. Pair them with a nice t-shirt that is loose and airy, this look is bound to steal some glances.
  9. Printed shorts with a solid shirt: Printed shorts have been a fashion trend for a while now. While most men stay away from vibrant colours, printed shorts are now available in pastel shades as well. Even better, if you have a floral or a leaf pattern on your shorts, it will create a perfect link with the beach feel. However, since your bottoms are printed, wear a plain shirt to complete the look. A solid white shirt looks extremely classy and is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.
  10. Light layering: If an evening beach stroll is on your mind, make an extra effort to team up light layers of clothing. The unexpected chilly evenings would be welcoming if you are wearing layered clothing. An unbuttoned shirt with a t-shirt inside and paired with solid shorts completes another beach look.


You can create multiple outfits for a summer beach look using simple t-shirts, shirts, and a couple of bottoms. However, ensure that you prioritise your comfort over looks to enjoy the beach the most.

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