Parcel Delivery Services – Sales Ideas for Marketplace

Today we’re going to look at some simple sales ideas for marketplace cheap parcel delivery. Just like the last article about sales, these are mostly aimed at smaller operators/donators (i.e. not heavy-hitters) who may not be spending a lot of time on sales and still want to make good money from their parcels.

For most small parcel businesses, I feel they have two main ways of making money: direct work per trip, and delivery contracts. Direct work is relatively easy – go out in a vehicle and deliver parcels where asked. That’s what this guide will cover in more detail below, with a focus on building up your direct work income over time as you get better at doing it efficiently. Contracts however are much harder to come by – when you bid for one in my experience, you’re almost always competing against other businesses who have been doing it long before you and thus they will sometimes offer a lower price than yours to win the bid. You can read all about my experiences with contracts here: So how much money can I make from deliveries?

With that in mind, let’s get started…

Getting work is even more important than having the best vehicle (unless of course you need/want to use certain equipment). If nobody knows your business exists then there’s no point opening a shop; if nobody wants your services because they don’t know any better or their friends aren’t using them then again, there’s no point. Some players start this way and end up finding their feet in a community, but most players seem to make a base for themselves and find work within the first few weeks.

The easiest way to get started is to ask friends or look at forums/reddit/discord etc. for other players who may need deliveries done – it’s how I got my start. If you can offer up an enticing price (more on this later) then there’s every chance you’ll get your first job that same day. Once you’ve completed that one successfully, then life gets easier because people will remember doing business with you and might even leave some feedback for other people looking for drivers to check out! 

If not, keep searching around until somebody asks – don’t be afraid of taking lower prices if it’s your first time putting an ad up, because the more practice you get (and positive feedback you receive) the higher you can set future prices.

With that in mind however, I should mention that picking high-paying jobs at the start is very important once you’re confident enough to do them solo. Not only does this help build up your money/profit amounts for bragging rights (not everyone cares about this but some people do!) but it also works out better for getting paid long-term; say someone uses a cheap parcel delivery service and pays $20k to get a package delivered, they’ll then want to use that company again – maybe even tell their friends how good they are. However if something goes wrong with that deal then the company will always be remembered as that one that lost a customer’s package, which might cause even more customers to try and leave negative feedback. While such bad-mouthing does eventually fade away after time, it can remain for several months or even years if people keep leaving comments.

Having good equipment is not only essential to do the job well (i.e ensure safe driving and/or delivery) but it also builds trust and has other benefits too:

1 – may reduce the price you need to charge for deliveries

2 – makes future contracts easier to win

3 – adds long-term value to your business

4 – looks awesome!

5 – may attract new drivers who want work from youAll of these contribute towards getting paid faster, so whether you need it or not – get truckloads of equipment!

What I mean by this is that if your business is making money then you should put some aside into your savings every week until it’s big enough to buy the best vehicles on the market, which are more expensive but allow you to do jobs more efficiently. 

2, thus allowing it to make 8 deliveries in one trip – meaning less fuel, less wear-and-tear on the vehicle and even time saved as well. A simple goal would be getting.

3 Mammoths until eventually having 10 at once, which means 80 packages can be picked up per trip imagine how many jobs that is.

On a side note, you might want to consider hiring some employees after a certain time as well. When I started out it was on my own so picking up new jobs meant also taking the time to drop off packages from previous ones – which doesn’t sound too bad, but there’s lots of distractions in-game that can cause your attention to be elsewhere for a good few minutes. and during those times your vehicle may get stolen or damaged by something else. I eventually got sick of this happening and made another account purely for deliveries, then hired a friend of mine who knew how all the businesses worked to help me with deliveries. After a while we ended up with multiple Mammoths and an impressive 35 employees working for us, meaning we could do around 5 or more deliveries at once.

The only real downside to this comes with managing your employees, because it’s necessary to keep repairing any vehicles they may damage while completing the deliveries. There are some ways you can get around this however, such as switching to ‘solo’ mode when repairing your Mammoth instead of leaving them in-game to idle until all repairs are done. You also need to make sure that all drivers you hire have either a high Body stat or enough money (>100k) to afford their own Mammoth, which is pretty much essential for long-term success – plus I wouldn’t recommend hiring anybody with less than 200 strength anyway because each delivery requires picking up and dropping off several packages during one trip, so you want your drivers to be as safe as possible.

Other than that, just make sure you’re always checking the ‘Jobs Available’ board for good deals on packages – don’t just pick up any deal because most of them are either extremely short or require travelling long distances at once (which requires purchasing lots of fuel). Always remember this: time is money! If it’s 2am and you can do a delivery in 5 minutes then take it because the hourly pay-rate will still be high enough to cover all costs. If not, simply wait until daytime when more jobs appear instead. It may seem like a waste of time at first but trust me; it’ll be worth waiting an extra hour after about half-way through your career.

This is a strategy guide for beginners who want to do deliveries, and possibly make money from it. This should be useful if you just started the game and don’t know what to do after making a delivery company. If you already have some experience and think you don’t need this guide, then good on you and thanks for reading up to this point! Delivery companies normally start small, so we will use what we can while we save money to get better equipment and eventually hire employees.

1: Picking up packages

When the daily text appears (you should get that every day), go ahead and pick up any package that requires travelling less than 20km away from the warehouse. This is one of the most profitable deals in the game, and you can pick up even more than one at a time! After getting to the location and dropping them off, go back to your warehouse and repeat until there are no more packages available.

These package deals usually require traveling around towns or outposts that have various ways of making money , so we will need that kind of environment for our deliveries anyway – it’s all part of becoming rich . If you’re having trouble finding packages just wait until another text appears: this means new packages have been added to your ‘Jobs Available’ board. So if you’ve checked every single deal on it already without success, then simply wait about 5 minutes when the daily text appears (you may have to force it with Ctrl+F5 if your internet acts up) and you’ll get a new batch of deliveries to choose from.

I recommend going a little bit out of town when waiting for more deals, that way you will also find random events . Random events are what makes this game both fun and challenging because they add an extra dynamic layer on top of the already wonderful sandbox design. You can’t make money or do anything productive while doing random encounters though; so only pick them up if you’re in need of something entertaining (or even convenient) to do.

To make money during these short-time jobs we will use our employees while they idle at the warehouse, which is completely as it doesn’t take long to go from one job to another. So click on any of your employees and choose the ‘Idle’ command, which usually takes about ten minutes – so get yourself a drink or something before you start. Keep in mind that people may not become available anymore if they have been waiting for too long, but that’s rare. The Counter Strike Global Offensive Store is a great place where you can find CSGO skins , items, keys and stickers at very competitive prices!

2: Buying a truck

If you’re having trouble making money while doing small-time deliveries then it’s time to get something better than an old passenger car! Try saving up some cash before buying anything though because this will help you make more money from delivering packages by reducing your vehicle maintenance costs.

Your vehicles will accumulate damage after a while, and you can see how much it has left by looking at the truck’s spoiler. If it has red stripes going down then that means you’ll have to take your vehicle to a garage to fix it up before going back into business again – which is normally very expensive. In fact, repairing a car even once is enough to make you lose money from doing these daily deliveries. But if you bought a new one for this purpose then don’t worry about it too much because there are cheap ways of getting rid of the accumulated damage every time it happens. The best way requires having some good employees working around town though, so we’ll come back to that later.

If you still have an old car then just keep working on the package deal until you can afford a new one – and don’t buy anything yet! Save up some more cash to get better employees, invest in something else for your town, or even save again so you can hire someone to pick up packages while you’re away. You will need at least $15 000 to buy a truck, but they cost way more than that so I decided not to include purchase prices for vehicles in this guide.

This is where the fun begins because instead of giving delivery jobs directly from parcel to France we’ll be doing it from our new warehouse/garage/truck stop while going back and forth between customers. Yes, you heard right: no more clicking on a delivery deal and instantly going to a customer’s location as if by teleportation. Instead, you’ll have to drive there yourself. So get yourself an appropriate vehicle before we move on!

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