Popular Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing


Haircare is important to get lustrous, voluminous, strong hair. But there is plenty of myth available from ancient times. For example; regular oiling makes your hair healthy or the conditioners should not be used if you have oily hair. You can listen to plenty of examples. However, there is no scientific basis for this statement. These are completely fake with so much hype. You should not accept them otherwise wrong procedures may ruin the hair’s health. You have to take care of your hair in a scientific way. You must gain knowledge of follicular aspects, and know how you can appropriately improve hair health. Wrong steps can show reversed reactions.

To get scientific knowledge of hair health you can read research journals, articles written by experts. They usually share authentic information about hair health which erases our misconception of hair health and enlighten you with correct information.

In this article, we are going to mention some common myths along with the facts. To know more read this article thoroughly.

Myth: 1 Cutting hair frequently makes your hair grow faster

Actual fact: It is widely believed that trimming hair every month boosts the hair growth process, but the actual fact is that it is completely a piece of baseless information. Hair growth takes place from the roots, not from the ends. Thus cutting your hair ends scientifically does not influence the hair follicle for intense hair growth.

Science proved that any living entity grows from its root, while a non-living entity grows from the end. As we are living beings, therefore, our hair grows from the follicle or root, not from the end. Thus regular trimming would not measure how quickly and how much amount of hair grows. The hair volume not going to increase with your monthly hair trimming concept.

However, regular trimming of hair indeed influences your overall appearance of hair. They effectively eliminate the split ends which usually makes your hair thin and unattractive from the bottom.

Trichologists advise trimming your hair every eight to twelve weeks to completely remove split ends. For better hair growth you have to nourish your hair from the root. You can massage coconut oil along with other essential oil to boost blood circulation which strengthens hair follicles, boost hair growth, and reduce excessive hair fall problems. Coconut oil has essential fatty acid and amino acids which improves the quality and texture of the hair, also make your hair healthy, lustrous.

Myth: 2 Regular shampooings may damage your hair

Actual Fact: When someone uses chemically enriched shampoo on regular basis, his hair may get dry. But when she uses mild shampoo thrice a week it won’t damage her hair anymore. Now our environment is full of pollution. When we go out our hair strands along with the scalp get exposed to UV rays, dirt, and pollution. Therefore, if we do not wash our hair on regular basis, the dirt mix with the sebum produced by the scalp and block the roots which cause scalp infection, dandruff, which immensely harm your hair health. Thus you have to wash your hair a minimum of twice a week with herbal shampoo, don’t forget to use a hair conditioner to lock the moisture. You can also apply good quality hair oil one hour before shampoo because we all know oiling is good for hair health. But many hair care experts do not recommend overnight oiling because it may weaken your roots and causes immense hair fall during the wash.

Myth: 3 Stress causes grey hair

Truth: It is a very common misconception. The actual fact is that stress causes intense hair fall. Mental stress increases the secretion of cortisone hormone which is immensely responsible for hair fall. Poor diet along with liver problems is responsible for grey hair. However genetic problems, free radical formation promotes premature greying of hair. With increasing age, your body automatically produces the least amount of melanin which contributes to your hair color. Therefore the newly born hair comes out as grey hair.

However recent scientific studies proved that stress speeds up the aging process which causes premature greying of hair. On the other hand, stress over time promotes the greying process by inhibiting the melanin formation process. However, there is no strong scientific evidence has been found till now. But we would recommend you to manage stress. Otherwise, it can harm your overall health.

Myth: 4 You should change your shampoo and conditioner every three months

Truth: If you feel guilty while buying a new brand of shampoo and conditioner every two months, then don’t feel so wrong. Because your hair is not a living thing that means it won’t become resistant or immune to your favorite brand of shampoo. Instead of brand choose your shampoo and conditioner according to their ingredients. Your hair care product should be chemical like mineral oil, paraben-free, as well as cruelty-free. You must choose your hair treatment according to the type of your hair. Along with shampoo and conditioner, use a protein hair mask that is enriched with amino acids to make your hair healthy from the inside.

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