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Streetwear Essentials for 2023

Streetwear Essentials

Were in 2023 and streetwear has dominated the fashion scene for a couple of years now and it is only getting more popular as we move into spring 2023. If your only just jumping on the bandwagon, then there are some essentials to add to your wardrobe for authentic street style. If you are not new to the game, then you will already know that last year’s trends are out for fresh cuts that are more tailored to your silhouette. Trends come and go and it is up to you to decide what looks good on you, and what to avoid, but this is why streetwear is so popular. It’s versatile, you don’t always need the top brand to pull off the aesthetic and there is an abundance of designs from boutique brands that outperform their more expensive competitors. So let’s get stuck into the key streetwear essentials to be considering in 2023.


As the winter is coming to an end, it’s time to put away the puffer coat for something lighter and more manoeuvrable. The gilet is the perfect addition to your streetwear wardrobe. It’s versatile and comes in a range of styles, materials and patterns to suit your aesthetic. Collarless construction is a great option as they fall better with your hoodies and don’t hide your neck when wearing your jewellery. With the number of brands out there bringing in their own unique style and personality into their gilets, there is definitely going to be a style that resonates with you. This essential item will see you through 2023 with style and comfort.

Scrap The Bulky Sneakers

Sneakers are obviously a streetwear staple. They are literally the icing on the cake when it comes to streetwear and they go with everything. Everyone loved the trend of big and bulky trainers, but in 2023 this trend is dying out for a more refined style. Canvas and leather styles will be the trending styles and with the warmer months coming upon us, lighter colours are certainly the best option. By having a neutral-coloured pair of toned-down sneakers are versatile enough to be worn with your streetwear with more fitted styles. Trainers are amazing to make an outfit look all pulled together, and if you have already got a pair, then this is something you need to consider in 2023.


This was a trend in 2022, but it is now an essential streetwear item that you need to have in your wardrobe. Predominantly showcasing the traditional colours of greens, neutrals, black and greys, there is going to be a style that suits you. Although slim and tight-fitting trousers were in style just 2 years ago, the baggy fits are back and are staying strong in 2023. Nobody wants their blood circulation cut off, especially with how people prefer a more comfortable fit after the pandemic. The other trend with this style is the fact that more pockets are being added which widens the silhouette and has a ‘90s aesthetic.


Even in the winter shades are essential to your street style. Whether this is a bulky wrap-around or classic wayfarer style, it is completely up to you. Chances are if you prefer the street style, then you like being unique and showing off your personality. Wearing shades that resonate with your personal style is definitely going to make you stand out. If you want some colour, go with a bold colour, but if there is one thing that you should know, it’s that the best shades that pull an outfit together should match your face shape. There is no point in wearing a pair that doesn’t suit you as you just won’t feel confident in them, look for shades that suit your face shape and you will transform the overall aesthetic.

Graphic Tees

Plain tees are great when you are layering up or as a base layer, but when you have a simple jacket and tee combination, add some flare to the mix. One way you can do this is by building a collection of graphic tees in a range of colours and styles with some minimal graphics and then some bold pieces that you probably wouldn’t think to wear in normal circumstances. They completely change the aesthetic of the outfit and will transform your street style into something of your own. They look great with necklaces and even better with a simple varsity or denim jacket.

Hats In All Forms

Hats are cool and they can elevate an outfit. Whether it’s a cheeky bucket hat, a versatile baseball cap or a beanie to keep you warm in the winter months, hats are a streetwear essential that will always be elevating your style. The great thing about these hat styles is they go with almost anything, so check out some cool designs and patterns whilst also getting a few more minimal designs to have a hat for every style you have. If you have a neutral or monochrome outfit, stand out with bright colours, and switch it around, if you have a bold-coloured outfit, opt for a darker colour to stand out.

A Cool Watch & Watch Strap

To elevate your style further, having a collection of watches is essential. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on a range of luxury watches, this simply means that you should look for a range of watches at an affordable price that can go with your range of outfits. If your budget doesn’t allow this, then you could opt for purchasing a range of watch bands for your one watch. Taking them on and off can be tricky, so by opting for a NATO-style watch strap, you will be able to swap and change regularly to match your outfit of the day. Whether you prefer a chunky watch face like a Gshock or something more sporty like a metal watch bracelet, your watch will help pull your outfit together.

Bold Jewellery

Jewellery is another accessory that makes up the list of streetwear essentials as it helps to elevate your entire aesthetic. Chains, rings and bracelets are all essential to a streetwear outfit and they come in a range of styles to suit your style. Pendant necklaces have been extremely popular and can make a toned-down streetwear outfit look more pulled together. Whether you are a gold or silver type of person, each goes with different styles and colours, so experiment and enjoy finding the pieces that resonate with you.

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