Styles Of Dresses That Every Girl Should Own


When deciding on a dress to wear, it can be difficult as there are so many to wear. However, there is a dress for every occasion. Some are suitable for weddings and others are better for those nights with the girls. That is the beauty of women’s fashion as we have a dress for every occasion.

It should never be difficult to find a dress for an occasion. Moreover, the only reason why it would be difficult is that there are so many options to choose from. A lot of the dresses out there will vary in shape, cuts and length.

Luckily for you, there are many dresses on this list which will help you pick your next dress. If it doesn’t then hopefully it will give you an idea and a bit of inspiration for what type of dress you need at your next event.

Shift Dresses

If you are not sure what a shift dress is, it is a throwback to the 1960s. It is one of the best dresses to wear in the summer months. Furthermore, if you are one of those girls that adore vintage fashion, this dress is definitely for you. Not to mention that there are several variations of this stunning dress. Either opt for a solid colour or geometric patterns, similar to the style of art deco, there is a shift dress for every girl.

For the summer months, we would suggest floral patterns and make sure that it is short-sleeved or completely sleeveless. To complete your look, wear a necklace that fits the theme of the dress. For example, a flowery necklace would be perfect for this dress, and it looks cute. Your shoes need to be appropriate for walking in all day as this dress is a day dress.

High-Low Dress

A high to low dress can sound quite confusing when you read it. If you are not sure what it is, it is where your dresses are higher on one side and lower on the other. It would usually be higher at the front compared to the back. This dress is one of the best to show off those defined collarbones that you may have. The high-low dress can be worn at casual and formal events. Simplicity is key with this dress so do not overcomplicate.

Sweater Dress

This one is more appropriate for the winter months although it can be worn during spring and autumn, depending on the temperature. A style that everybody loves during the winter period.

This dress is definitely for casual occasions so don’t be wearing this at any formal events. There are different lengths of this dress as well so it depends on how much of your legs you want to cover. If there is any dress that a girl needs to wear during the colder months, it is this one.

Pencil Dress

A pencil dress is an outfit that you need to wear at formal events. If you don’t have one, you must buy one as they are flawless and look great every day on every girl out there.

It is a staple piece for every woman out there. That is why we suggest you buy one if you do not already own one. Furthermore, pencil dresses are easy to style and are even suitable for the office if you need to dress formally.

Depending on the colour of the dress that you choose to wear, warrior shoes add a little more colour to the whole outfit. If you are wearing a white dress, wear a red pair of shoes. If you are wearing a black dress, choose to wear emerald green heels or gold.

Bodycon Dress

This type of dress is arguably the best cocktail dress you can wear when going out with your friends. Plus it is on-trend at the moment so make sure that you own plenty of these. Furthermore, it is one of those dresses that show off your figure. So, if you have been hitting the gym, we suggest that you wear this as it will show off your gains.

A bodycon dress can be worn anywhere you like, however, we suggest that you wear it in the evening with your friends. The only place where we would not suggest it is at a meal, especially if you are one of those girls who bloat easily. Not that there’s anything wrong with bloating as it is natural. However, if it is something that you’re self-conscious about, avoid wearing a bodycon at a meal. Nonetheless, it is one of the best night out dresses you could possibly wear so make sure you buy yourself one.


There are many dresses out there that you can wear for both casual events and formal events. If you are looking for a casual outfit then keep it simple with either a t-shirt dress or a sweater dress, depending on how warm it is. Either way, there are plenty of options to choose from here so upgrade your wardrobe and start turning people’s heads.

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