The Story Of Our Bubble Rolled Waffle

This time, we’re giving our followers the inside scoop on how we make our delicious Bubble Rolled Waffles!

Have you ever walked into Roll Me Up and immediately inhaled the wonderful, sweet vanilla and cinnamon aroma of freshly-baked Bubble Rolled Waffles? It’s very tempting and makes an excellent complement to any flavor of ice cream. Roll Me Up prepares all of our Bubble Rolled Waffle fresh in-store to give you that warm bakery flavor in every bubble waffle, paired perfectly with our delicious and creamy ice cream scoops.

Our team demonstrated step-by-step how they produce the delectable bubble waffle that improves the Roll Me Up experience that visitors have come to enjoy. From Bubble Rolled Waffle to original waffle, M&M and pretzel cone its all topped with our signature scooped ice creams. The waffle is a labour of love. Continue reading to learn how these freshly produced Bubble Rolled Waffles are prepared. I haven’t seen any ice cream shop near me serving Bubble Rolled Waffle, what about you?

To begin, members of our team at Roll Me Up bind our unique bubble waffle recipe and water in a dish and mix until smooth.

When the Bubble Rolled Waffle is done, the team takes it off from the iron and places it on the rack to set. It is then topped with chocolate and cream, as requested.The team then pours one spoonful of batter onto a waffle maker, distributing it evenly from one side to another. I would have started looking at the ice cream near me at this time, how about you?

Once the waffle is complete, the team will add your favorite scooped ice cream flavors and you will be able to enjoy this creamy and unique delicacy! But it isn’t all…

Apart from Bubble Rolled Waffle, Roll Me Up shops also offer M&M, pretzel, and classic waffle cones, which turn your ice cream into a delightful component of the treat itself. Everything is made fresh every day, offering even another fun opportunity to customize your dessert! You can find all the flavors of ice cream here

Did you know?

Italo Marchiony received the first ice cream “waffle cone” patent in New York City in 1903. Marchiony, an Italian immigrant, developed something resembling a modern-day waffle dish. Marchiony’s ice cream wafer dishes are depicted in the patent filings as tiny, horizontal teacups, similar to the upper half of a cake funnel.

In 1904, around 950 miles west of New York City, the archetypal ice cream waffle cone was produced and sold at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. It just so happened that the Syrian concessionaire Ernest A. Hamwi set up his station beside an ice cream booth. When the ice cream booth ran out of serving bowls, Marchiony rolled up one of his pastry that was thin, crispy, and waffle-like into a cone-like form, Hamwi negotiated a bargain with the ice-cream seller, offering him these edible waffles, with which to serve his ice cream. This marks the beginning of the ice cream waffle in its real cone-shaped form!

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