Trending Style of Women’s Shoes in Australia

Women’s Shoes in Australia

It is a fact that we use our feet to walk the equivalent of five times the circumference of the earth. Yet we rarely give our feet and our footwear the desired attention. By this, you can now understand the importance of having good-quality shoes. Shoes are an important part of an individual’s attire, as no other article of clothing fits so precisely and performs critical mechanical functions such as transferring body weight. Inadequate or incorrect footwear may lead to problems with the lower legs, knees, hips or even lower back, keeping aside the level of discomfort. In order to skip this problem, you need to visit a good shoe store that offers you every kind of shoes, of different varieties, all under one roof. For that matter, give a visit to Ipanema Australia, a well-known brand offering the trendiest women’s shoes Australia.

Types of women’s shoes Australia 

  1. Ballet Flats – Classy, comfortable, and perfect for everyday wear, the design of ballet flats is inspired by exactly what the name suggests, slippers worn by ballerinas. These shoes for women will either feature a small heel or even no heel at all. Typically, they are close and round-toed and comprise a thin sole. Ballet flats are extremely comfortable to wear and are perfect for everyday wear.  
  2. Flip-flops – These don’t really need an explanation. Flip-flops are one of the most practical pair of shoes thar are owned by almost every woman must own. Flip-flops are ideal for everyday wear. Summer wouldn’t be complete without flip-flops. Also, flip-flops are believed to be the oldest type of footwear. There are a variety of flip-flop designs available in the market, from regular rubber to glittery metallic straps. 
  3. Strap sandals – Strap sandals are an ageless beauty and is still ruling the fashion industry for a very long time. It is one of the best women’s fashion statements that have become popular among women of all ages. If you are going with the Strap sandals are of various types like ankle strap sandals, two-strap sandals, and so on. Strap sandals are minimalistic in design that always bring out your best appearance. It can easily be paired with shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses and so on.  
  4. T-bar sandals – Everyday footwear type for women that has trending off-late, T-bar sandals are flat-soled sandals with a T-shaped strap, the ends of which are fastened with a buckle to a strap around the ankle. The T-bar sandals you’ll find today are sleeker and more stylish if compared to the original closed-toe T-bar sandals. 
  5. Sliders – A footwear type that’s been highly in vogue for a couple of years. Slides are backless and open-toed flat sandals with a single broad strap wrapped just above the instep of the shoe, which have become quite popular in recent years. Sliders are amongst the most common casual shoes for women, and their rise in popularity is mostly because of how comfortable this beautiful pair of shoes is. 
  6. Mules – Mules are open-backed shoes with a closed front. Women’s mules are suitable for slipping on and off and are generally far more casual than closed shoes. They also give a little more support. Perfect for summer weather and easy to fit into your suitcase for holiday gateways, mule sandals offer a welcome alternative for your wardrobe. 


Shoes give the first impression about a person and can have a great impact on how we perceive others and even ourselves. Shoes have the power to accelerate your performance. Get the most beautiful shoes for you, according to your taste and choices, only at Ipanema Australia. Ask any woman to trim down their shoe collection to only a few pairs; she will freak out. Shoes are not just any fashion accessories, but they are an integral part of fashion statements for women. Even if you have hundreds of women’s shoes in your wardrobe collection, you never be satisfied with your collection.

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