Where to seek out Petite Clothing on the United Kingdom Main Street

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If you’re shorter than average, finding petite clothing is often a touch of a challenge.

Oh, there are plenty of retailers who stock petite clothing, of course, so it’s not like it’s impossible to find it. The problem is that many of the petite clothing sections tend to be pretty limited: you’ll rarely find the same pieces you find in the “regular” section, and when you do find something you like, it’ll often come in a very limited range of colours and prints, leaving you with very little choice.

Don’t despair, though: finding petite clothing might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Here are some of our favourite UK fashion retailers with great petite clothing sections:

5 places to seek out petite clothing on the united kingdom main street

Miss Selfridge

Not only does Miss Selfridge’s regular section go right down to a UK size 4, making it suitable for the smaller shopper, but the Petites section may also be a particularly good one: in fact, we frequently spot items in the Petites section that aren’t available in regular sizes.

New Look

New Look also has an in-depth petite section, and a rather wider sizing range, running from UK 4 – 16. If you don’t find anything in the women’s clothing section, however, the teenager’s section is additionally worth a look: while many teens and children’s sections are unsuitable for ladies in terms of the cuts and patterns, this selection is more “grown-up” than many we’ve come across, and some of the larger teens styles will also work for petite women.


Is there ANYTHING you can’t find at ASOS? Probably not, and while their petite clothing section doesn’t contain all of the equivalent styles you’ll find in ‘regular’, the location also carries much petite clothing from other brands, too, making it an honest place to ascertain tons of various options within the same place. ASOS’s path also goes right down to a UK size 4, so some pieces could also be suitable for Petites.

Chi Chi London

One of the style Police’s favourite eveningwear brands, Chi Chi London has extensive petite and curve sections, offering many of the equivalent styles they are doing in ‘regular’.


Topshop’s petite section can be a little bit hit and miss, and we really wish they’d start offering their petite jeans in the same range of washes and styles that are available in the regular section, but it’s still better than average, and, as with Arcadia stable-mates, we’ve occasionally stumbled upon awesome petite clothing which isn’t available in regular, so it’s always worth a look.

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