Why Choose Paper Containers for Food Packaging

food packaging

Paper Food Packaging

Paper packaging is known for its high performance among consumers. The combination of the round body and the top cover also provides consumers with powerful functions: portable, convenient, easy to open, close and put away. On supermarket shelves filled with bags and boxes, the packaging looks unique and attractive.

Paper packaging made of biodegradable materials will support our commitment at Sonoco to create a more sustainable, healthier and safer environment for society because paper packaging is known for its ease of transportation and storage. In addition, Sonoco cardboard containers provide our customers with the ultimate product protection and ensure freshness and quality. Sonoco’s paper packaging will provide customers with top-shelf solutions in the future, which will stand out from crowded shelves with its attractive and practical design.

Malaysia’s #1 Food Packaging Supplier

At Sonoco, we strive to improve the lives of our customers, teammates and communities. This is why we are committed to becoming the best food packaging supplier in Malaysia by providing only the best quality food packaging. We understand the importance of having the right food packaging suitable for consumer use and convenience, and the benefits to your product and brand.

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