6 Best Things that Fix All Your Fashion Problems


Is there anything more annoying than having fashion problems with the best pieces in your wardrobe? It’s always a nuisance to have the perfect outfit planned, only for it to fit slightly wrong or cause you some minor discomfort. After all, we want to have picture-perfect style – but at what cost? Your outfit shouldn’t make you sacrifice your comfort (or your modesty). Fortunately, there are some inventive items out there to fix all of your common fashion problems! Check them out below:

Bra Extenders

You know when a bra fits perfectly cup-wise but the band is just a little too tight? It makes your cleavage look great, but then it gives you a dreaded muffin top around your back and under your armpits! The best way to fix this is by investing in some bra extenders. Bra extenders attach at the hooks of the band and can give you an extra inch or two of wiggle room around your chest.

Fashion Tape

Is the neckline on your top falling just a little too low and revealing a little too much? Do you need to hem some pants in a jiffy? Fashion tape is the quick-fix for both of these! This double-sided tape holds fabric exactly where you want it to be until you can tailor the clothing to your liking.

Heel Protectors

If you’ve ever worn your most stylish stilettos to an outdoor event, you’re familiar with this problem: heels digging into the dirt. Not only does it make your precious shoe dirty, but it can also make you trip and do some serious damage to your ankles! Heel protectors are essentially a cap that goes onto the end of the heel, creating a larger, flatter tip that won’t dig into soft surfaces.

Foldable Flats

Speaking of heels, we all know they can be a real torture device for our feet sometimes. Walking in high heels for too long can cause major pain to your toes and the sole of your foot. That’s where foldable flats come in. Flat shoes that collapse down into a compact size can easily be carried in your purse, so you can throw them on real quick when your heels are starting to hurt.

Underarm Pads

Ever experience the absolute horror or looking down and realizing you’ve got huge sweat stains underneath your arms? Many people experience significant sweating, so much that it can soak through and stain their clothing. Underarm pads are a great product that your place in armpit of your shirt to absorb excess sweat and keep your clothing sweat stain free!

Jean Extender

We all have a favorite pair of jeans. We’ve probably had them for years and we can’t bear the thought of parting with them – even when they don’t fit anymore. When your favorite jeans have become too tight, you have two options: lose some weight or get some jean extenders! Jean extenders work much like bra extenders. They attach at the button of your pants and give you and extra inch or two of room for comfort.

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