Best Physical Activities in the Great Outdoors

Best Physical Activities in the Great Outdoors

People choose to exercise for various reasons, the thing that they have in common is that any form of activity has a great impact on physical health. It has been proven that doing activities has a big impact on many things like lowering the chances of suffering from a stroke and developing diabetes as well as helping your mental health. Even though there will always be benefits from working out in the fresh air, different types of activities will have a different influence on your body as well as your mind.

Go for A Swim

What people don’t think about is how much swimming can help those who have physical issues as well as mental ones. That is because swimming is known for having a good influence on your brain functions and it helps repair your neurons that are located in the hypothalamus. They are continually being lost and damaged due to age, stress, and substance abuse. There are multiple studies that have shown that swimming promotes hippocampal neurogenesis which is best known for reversing neuron damage by replacing ones that are lost. Swimming will also promote the production of endorphins which will improve your mood. But the most obvious one, swimming will help you build muscle mass and become overall a healthier and fit person.

Take a Nice Walking

A lot of people don’t consider walking a form of exercise, but that is wrong. It is actually one of the best lifetime sports. If you are new to living an active life, the best way to start is by walking. Walking is easy on the joints, it doesn’t require any equipment, you are burning calories, and just about anyone can do it. When you are waking for at least 30 minutes, five days a week you will be helping your body not develop chronic diseases. You are lowering your chances of developing high blood pressure, heart diseases as well as diabetes. But even better, it is one of the best ways to start losing weight. Incorporating walking into your daily routine will not only help you be more physically active, it will also help you clear your head and be less stressed. Another thing is that walking doesn’t sound that doubting as running or doing a spot. The trick is to incorporate it into your daily routine and break up the time into several spurts. Think about walking your kids to the bus and picking them up, walking your or someone else’s dog a couple of times per day. That way you are tricking your mind into thinking that you aren’t actually doing any physically demanding things you are just running errands. 

Go On A Cycling Adventure

Cycling is one of the best ways you can enjoy fresh air and nature. It will not only help you build endurance; it will also be of great help mentally. Try to make a start and end goal to help your brain and body become more focused and work better and faster. There are so many studies that have found that bringing mountain biking into your daily routine can help your muscles grow as well as your brain. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant, it can be something as simple as going for a 30-minute joy ride. That will help with memory retention and reasoning. Just like yoga, cycling will help you with anxiety as well as depression. Getting a good-quality mountain bike will make your experience so much better as well as safer. Cycling on your new mountain bike will also increase your blood flow which will help your brain get more oxygen and nutrients in it. The production of extra oxygen will also improve the production of grey matter as well as brain cells which will increase your brain’s ability to repair itself. Mountain biking is able to triple the number of neurons forming in your brain and increasing the combinations between your pathway for cognitive functions. Keep in mind that mountain biking is just like any other sport and you need to make sure that you are safe and that you have all the required equipment.

Go Mountain Climbing

If you are someone who is attracted to extreme sports and your body feeds on adrenaline, there is nothing that will make your mental and physical health better than going mountain climbing. When you are mountain climbing you have to ensure that you are taking the safest route and that you are properly equipped for an outdoor adventure of this type. Once you have made sure that you are doing your best to stay safe, mountain climbing will bring so many benefits to you. It will make you mentally and physically stronger while feeling well-balanced. Although you need to be focused on getting a proper grip when you are mountain climbing once you get the hang of it your mind will get relaxed and your body will become stronger.

Explore Nature While Hiking

Hiking is one of the best ways you can incorporate working on both physical and mental health. Amongst all the things because hiking is healthy, walking around in nature is a wonderful and relaxing experience. It is one of the best ways you can burn some calories without even noticing it because you will be too busy soaking all the views and listening to relaxing noises. Hiking is one of the best outdoor activities for people who struggle with mental health. When you are exposing yourself to nature you are creating a connection with the outside and your body, which will calm your mind and work your body.  Being able to hike and explore your surroundings is really beneficial for your well-being. It is great because you are the one setting the pace for yourself while getting in a good workout.

Give Paddling A Try

If you enjoy the water, but going for a swim is just not your thing, why not try out paddling. Paddling is one of the greatest things you can do that will improve your mental health while getting in your dose of physical activity. It will work your upper body and build strength in your shoulders, arms, and your chest. As paddling is a low-impact activity there are smaller risks of suffering from any injuries and strains which is great for someone who is just getting into working out. Paddling will raise your heart rate and better your cardiovascular health. But paddling also has great mental health benefits. As we all know, water has a calming effect on the brain, hence it will reduce your stress and anxiety levels.


Now you know that in order to improve both your physical and mental health you need to do physical activities. The activities we have listed above are all particularly good for your mental health while still helping you become physically stronger. The most important thing is that you listen to your body and that you don’t force yourself. Pushing yourself over the limit will just discourage you and it will trigger self-critical thoughts and make everything much harder than it needs to be. Do your best to push yourself and improve while keeping your mind and body healthy and at their best state. 

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