PRP For Hair Loss: See The Before and After Results of 2021-2022

PRP for hair loss before and after

Have you been looking for a hair restoration solution? PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) has recently become one of the most popular hair loss treatments many have sought. It’s a new, non-surgical method that uses a patient’s blood to repair and boost the growth of follicles in both men and women.

Later, we’ll show you how PRP for hair loss before and after photos of people who’ve successfully gone through this procedure. But first, let’s appraise you a little about this hair loss treatment.

What Is PRP For Hair Loss?

PRP is an acronym of platelet-rich plasma, a procedure that involves drawing the patient’s blood. And this blood could come from your arm, similar to your usual blood test procedure, so it’s nothing painful. Then your health practitioner will rapidly spin it to separate it into three layers. Then he will get the best plasma rich in platelet that he will inject into your scalp.

How PRP Therapy Works

So, your caregiver injects the PRP into your scalp so it can boost the hair growth in the bald area. And this procedure stimulates the reparative cells to grow. And then, the growth factors foster collagen formation, one of the primary building blocks for your skin, muscles, bones, and hair.

PRP hair therapy is likely to show signs of the regrow of your hair. It’s one of the safest procedures as it uses an all-natural formula. That means there is no chance of allergies or harsh chemicals.

Below Are PRP For Hair Loss Before And After Photos

PRP treatment for hair loss has been pretty effective for most people. We have a few snapshots that show PRP for hair loss before and after for patients who have undergone this hair therapy.

The trial involved 50 men with male pattern hair loss from a study published in the previous years. And to check the efficacy of PRP treatments, they got a PRP injection each on the left side of their scalps. Then they received a saline jab on the right side. As per the results, the hair on the left side became thicker, and they also noticed the growth of new hair.

Then, another study tested only ten men with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness. These men got a PRP injection, and after three months, results show that the men had experienced thicker hair. It also showed stronger roots, which proved collage enhancing the follicle hair growth.

Still, eleven patients with hair loss problems underwent PRP hair therapy in yet another trial. After trying other hair loss remedies to no avail, they were eager to try PRP. They underwent four PRP injections which got spread out over three months. After the last one, three months down the line, they saw a drastic increase in hair growth. And this concluded that PRP treatment was more effective and cost-efficient.

The study also noted that a patient’s level of platelets could affect how your plasma will perform in the hair loss process. Those with a lower level of blood platelets may not have an effective PRP procedure.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For PRP?

PRP hair therapy can work for many people suffering from hair loss-related conditions. But some specific patients that have been widely studied in PRP for hair loss before and after and shown effective results include the following:

  • Patients with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness condition. Although this condition affects men, women experiencing hair loss can also benefit from PRP hair therapy.
  • Patients with a recent hair loss issue. Treating fresh hair loss is more effective than those that have waited longer. Your hair loss condition is likely to deteriorate when you seek help for this problem. However, a patient might still have some positive results.

Can I Afford PRP Treatment?

While factors influence PRP therapy’s cost, the price range per session may start from $400. So, the first three-session sessions may cost you approximately $1500 to $3500. Below elements will contribute to your overall cost:

· Your geographic location

· Your practitioner’s expertise

  • Type of equipment used (roller or injection)
  • Number of sessions required

PRP treatment for hair loss may require several sessions, and it’s not a one-time treatment. After your first session, you’ll notice some hair growth and some degree of hair thickness. But before you see total hair growth, you’ll need to undergo at least four sessions.

When Do I Start To See The Results?

After how long after PRP treatment, most people are curious to know if they will see some improvement. It usually depends on the individual, but most patients may start comparing PRP for hair loss before and after images after two weeks. They will see an improved hair texture, new hair growth, and hair shaft thickness. However, it takes around 3-6 months to see a fuller head and your desired results.

Best Ways You Can Maintain Hair Growth After PRP Hair Treatment

First, you have to ensure you’re eating right and taking the supplements recommended by your doctor. Also, adhere to the post-care instructions required. If your caregiver asks you to have another session after six months, please go for it.

Benefits of a PRP Hair Loss Treatment

  • It’s non-surgical and minimally invasive.
  • It is a pretty quick procedure compared to a hair transplant.
  • It is cheaper than other hair restorations, such as hair transplantation.
  • Quick results that are visible after one session.
  • It has no risk of allergic reactions or transferring communicable diseases as this uses the patient’s blood. Nothing foreign gets into your blood.
  • It is non-scarring, unlike other procedures.
  • It has no downtime, which means patients can bounce back to their usual activities.
  • PRP therapy for hair loss can enhance a person’s appearance and boosts confidence and self-esteem.
  • It also improves and restores bald or uneven eyebrows and men’s facial hair.

In Conclusion

At first, you have felt a little apprehensive about PRP hair restoration therapy. But as you’ve seen the PRP for hair loss before and after photos above, this is a treatment that promotes hair regrowth, and the positive results are enough to prove you can rely on it. So, you should seriously consider it and give it a try.

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