Why On-demand Gojek Clone App Are Becoming Popular Among Startups?

Gojek Clone App has become the eighth wonder of the world for offering 70 plus diverse on-demand services online with immediate delivery through one single platform. The start-ups find this app as their cash cow because of its commission-based business model. 

Money-maker Powerful Gojek like App is the crowd-puller! How?

It is the one-stop solution to customers’ every on-demand service need. They can book or rent Taxi cabs, send parcel delivery, order in food, groceries, medicines, and even stationery and it will be delivered instantly at their doorstep. 

Oh No, do not be mistaken that this is all that this on-demand multi-service app has got!

Your App’s users can also book appointments with Doctors, Plumbers, Electricians, Beauticians, Lawyers and even Barbers all from the comforts of their home through one app on their smartphones. They can also hire Tour Guides, Masseuse, Tutors, Mechanics, and Security Guard. Anything on top of their head they desire, this app gets it delivered even custom Car Washes.

But why Start-up entrepreneurs are going bonkers over this All in One Services App?

There are primarily three monumental reasons,

a. Ready-made apps can be launched within a week’s time

CubeTaxi has earned the reputation of launching Apps like Gojek in just record four-days. This is why they have drawn in hundreds of positive CubeTaxi Reviews.

Time taken to rebrand the base app may vary but would never exceed 10 days!

Entrepreneurs love to buy pre-built apps from reputed white-labelling firms because it saves them decades-worth of time. Now this is serious, coding is no cakewalk and also there is no guarantee that you’ll get the perfect flawless app in the first attempt itself.

b. Let’s go and make some money!

The App Owner earns Commission on every single order delivered or service offered through this app. Service Providers are obligated to pay the App Owner a certain percentage of the Revenue earned as Commission in exchange for using the platform that attracts lakhs of customers on a daily basis. Commission Rates differ based on the genre of the service rendered. And it is the App Owner that enjoys the exclusive authority to decide these Commission Rates.

But wait, there’s more

The Entrepreneur can opt for the second type of business model that completely nullifies the need for Service Providers to pay Commission per order. Welcome the brand new Subscription Plan Offers.

What is this?

After launching the app, the entrepreneur can opt for this business model over the Commission-based. It is the Entrepreneur that designs Subscription Plans with different expiry dates and charges one-time payment from Service Providers. With this business model, the Service Provider buys a Subscription Plan for a month, two-month, three-months, six months and even annually and renders unlimited counts of services until the Plan expires. Once the Plan expires, the Service Provider can no longer accept service requests. They have got to renew it.

c. Coding an app this complex yet user-friendly is a living nightmare for a coder and expensive affair too!

If you aren’t a coder yourself and decide to hire a team of professionals, then here goes your list – Android Developers, an iOS Developer, a PHP Expert, a Systems Analyst, a Database Analyst, a Content Writer, a Quality Assessment Expert and a Project Manager.

Why are they required?

To create essential app development components such as User Android App, User iOS App, Service Provider Android App, Service Provider iOS App, Store App, Website and Admin Panel.

Then how come it’s so expensive?

Coding this app from scratch will cost you at least quarter a million US Dollars. When you hire professionals with high-level of expertise to work for you, they charge big-fat salaries and that too every month. Include the infrastructural cost of the Office Space rented and the subscription fee of all the sophisticated software.


Gojek Clone App has had a roaring success in the on-demand service industry because it has brought the entire on-demand kingdom under one domain. Customers love it too because now they don’t have to download 10 different apps to get their service needs’ met.

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