7 Cupid-approved Valentine’s Day Looks for Going Out or Staying In

7 Cupid-approved Valentine’s Day Looks for Going Out or Staying In

Valentine’s Day can be stressful. There are so many questions that may fly through your head. If you’ve only been dating for a couple of months, what kind of gift is appropriate? If you are single, should you just stay home and pretend the day doesn’t exist or have a wild girls’ night out with your single friends? In general, it’s best to not overthink it and just enjoy the day in any way you want. Stay in or go out, be super romantic or friendly, or be formal or casual. It doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. Here are some tips on how to look good no matter what you decide to do.

1. A Trendy Dress

The little black dress is a timeless piece for formal occasions, including Valentine’s Day. You could also go for a super hot look with a strapless red dress or a hot pink mini dress. Trendy dresses in many different styles can be used to create your Valentine’s Day look. Do you want to look like a princess in a white and silver party dress or like a temptress in a tight dress slit up the thigh? The choice is yours! A simple dress can be transformed into a Valentine’s Day delight by choosing a rose print.

Sweater dresses are very popular this year as well. A tight midi sweater dress in dark red is ideal for a casual Valentine’s Day date. A loose, comfortable sweater dress in a floral print will set the mood for a romantic yet relaxing stay-at-home Valentine’s Day date with your partner.

2. Pants With a Jacket

If you are heading out with the gals for a girls’ night out on Valentine’s Day, you will probably want to wear a pair of pants with a cute jacket that has a Valentine’s Day theme. Consider a rose pink blazer with skinny jeans or a hot pink pantsuit with flared legs.

A floral print, especially if it features roses, is a good choice for Valentine’s Day. The classic look is to wear a floral-patterned top under a plain jacket, but the reverse works just as well — a plain top under a floral-patterned jacket.

Pants With a Jacket

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3. A Peasant Blouse

Peasant blouses just ooze romance. A dark red peasant blouse paired with flared pants or a tight skirt is perfect for a romantic but casual Valentine’s Day, whether you stay in or go out.

Peasant blouses flatter all body types with their loose construction that conceals problem areas. They are as comfortable as a T-shirt but look much dressier. For a hot Valentine’s Day date, consider a peasant’s blouse with a deep neckline, a slim fit over the body, and tied bloused sleeves. The suggestive ribbons dangling from a tied cuff can set a romantic mood. A dark red or soft pink color will give it a Valentine’s Day vibe.

4. Heart-shaped Accessories

If you aren’t into wearing floral prints and the color pink clashes with your skin tone, you can make your outfit Valentine’s Day appropriate by accessorizing. All kinds of accessories come in heart shapes: bags, earrings, pins, necklaces, hair clips, rings, sunglasses, etc. You can add a touch of red to your outfit with ribbons, scarves, and tasteful jewelry.


For a stay-at-home date night, you could decorate your space with Valentine’s Day-themed items, like romantic candles, roses, heart-shaped balloons, throw pillows decorated with roses or hearts, and so forth. For a humorous touch, try wearing a shot-with-Cupid’s-arrow accessory or a headpiece with bobbing hearts attached.

5. A Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is an underutilized garment. It is as easy to wear as a dress and can be seen as super hot, formal, casual, or even utilitarian, depending on its material, design, and how you choose to accessorize and wear it.

The jumpsuit was first invented in 1919 as a garment for parachutists to jump out of planes. It was then adopted as a utilitarian garment for certain jobs. In the 1930s, Elsa Schiaparelli, a renowned fashion designer, started designing elegant jumpsuits as evening wear. However, it wasn’t until the 1960s that jumpsuits really took off.

For a casual Valentine’s Day, consider a hot pink jumpsuit. For a formal Valentine’s Day, black is always in vogue. Looking forward to a super hot date? How about a red jumpsuit?

6. An Oversized Leather or Pleather Blazer

Leather and vegan leather garments are always in style, and the leather look is currently trending. Wear an oversized black leather blazer over a white halter top paired with skinny jeans or flared-leg pants for a gorgeous, casual look. An oversized black leather blazer over a strapless red dress with tall boots is also a great option.

7. Silk Pajamas

If you and your special someone are staying in for the evening, a pair of silk pajamas would certainly set the mood: comfortable yet stylish and sexy. A floral print, particularly roses, would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. You could get a matching set for you and your partner.

A Fun and Stress-free Valentine’s Day

Whatever you decide you want to do for Valentine’s Day is just fine. You will want to look good for your Valentine’s Day, whether it is casual or formal, romantic or just friends, going out or staying in. Red, pink, hearts, and flowers are traditional motifs that add Valentine’s Day vibes to any outfit.

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