How to Style Sheer Tops, Dresses and More

Sheer Dress

When it comes to your summer closet, there are a few staples that are best kept on hand all season long. These items typically pair well with many items in your closet and include basics like denim shorts, neutral sandals and cute white tops, as well as a few quality statement pieces that offer classic flair year after year. This summer, consider pairing your closet staples and statement pieces with sheer fabrics!

Sheer clothing is super trendy this summer. Fabrics like mesh, for example, offer versatility, texture and even much-needed breathability during the summer months. Wearing sheer pieces is a great way to layer during the summer and create a dynamic, stylish look. Here’s how you can upgrade your summer wardrobe by incorporating sheer tops, dresses and more.

Sheer Tops
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Styling Sheer Tops and Bodysuits

Whether you’re planning an extended summer vacation or doing something fun closer to home, a stylish sheer top or women’s bodysuit is great for almost any occasion. First, it’s important to know which fabrics and popular styles are sheer. A sheer top, blouse or bodysuit includes any style that lets most light pass through. If you were to put your hand behind the first layer of fabric, you’d be able to see at least its outline. In some cases, these sheer fabrics are completely transparent and provide more of a filter or a thin sheath.

Popular sheer materials include classic mesh, lace, chiffon, thin linen or cotton, organza and more. Due to their thinness, these materials are perfect for summer and pair well with other popular summer fabrics including denim, linen and lightweight knits. When shopping for sheer tops, consider fitted styles as well as layering pieces and oversized fits to create different looks. Sheer tops come in classic seasonal colors and neutrals as well as intricate versions with designs and accents. Here are a few ways to style your sheer tops and bodysuits:

  • Sheer Bodysuit + Bandeau + Denim Shorts: An outfit that includes denim shorts and a bodysuit is a knockout in itself, but once you introduce sheer fabric in the form of a bodysuit, it takes the look to a whole new level. To create a bit of contrast and achieve optimum coverage, start with a white or black strapless bandeau underneath your bodysuit. Go for a one-piece that is sheer enough to show off the lines of the bandeau and create a dynamic, flattering shape. Define your waist in a pair of high-rise denim shorts and add a pair of cute sandals to finish off the look!
Sheer Bodysuit
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  • Lace Blouse + Jeans + Heels: If you’re in need of a showstopping look for your next date night or girls’ night, go for a chic sheer blouse, skinny jeans and a cute pair of heels! Lace gives a romantic, elevated feel to a simple sheer blouse, which makes it perfect for evening activities. Choose a style with long bell sleeves or ruffles and add a simple tank top underneath that will show off the sheer sleeves. For a more flirty look, layer your lace top over a cute bralette with a scoop neck or V-neck shape!

Styling Sheer Dresses and Skirts

You can also rock an outfit that features sheer fabric on the bottom! Matte or opaque tops look fantastic when paired with skirts or pants that feature sheer overlaying fabric or mesh accents. By pairing the two, you can create a look that’s full of movement and flattering shapes. On the other hand, a sheer dress is an easy way to create a beautiful look for dressier events and occasions. Here are the best ways to style dresses with sheer fabrics and accents:

Styling Sheer Dresses and Skirts
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  • Sporty Sheer Dress + Sunnies + Sneakers: Hop on the athleisure train and go for a sporty look that features sheer fabric! Since many athletic wear pieces feature sheer fabric for breathability and sporty style accents, it’s easy to create a fashion-forward look. Layer an oversized mesh t-shirt style dress over a workout dress or simple, fitted tank dress. Add big sunglasses and a pair of cute sneakers to create an easy look that’s both casual and stylish.
  • Sheer Cocktail Dress + Strappy Heels + Clutch: Whether it’s a night on the town, an evening wedding or any other event where the invitation denotes cocktail attire, you’ll have compliments coming your way all night long in one of your cute short dresses that features mesh cutouts, lace additions or any kind of sheer fabric. The delicacy of a sheer dress is emphasized by the addition of sleek strappy heels and a metallic clutch. Pair one of these dresses with a simple evening jacket and a pair of beaded earrings to complete the look!

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