Find Out What Are Mule Shoes and Different Styles You Can Opt For

women mules

Have you heard about those comfortable, slip-on sandals called mules? Well, these are some of that flashy footwear that you would love to flaunt with your new workwear or party dress. Invented in the early 18th century, these were worn by women of class then. But, the stylish yet comfortable open and closedfoot sandals have made a grand comeback and just how! So, when you are searching for luxurious footwear to add to your collection, go for mules!

Mule shoes can be as chic and contemporary as you like or as sophisticated or sassy as you prefer. They are available in trendy colours, mesmerizing designs and incredible patterns. Styling them with your attire makes you look dazzling and adds a touch of glamour to your persona.

Slay These Styles Wearing Nifty Mule Shoes!

Before styling your mules perfectly with any attire, remember that they fit your feet accurately. These should snuggle your toes comfortably, and your feet shouldn’t peek out of the heel area. Once you get the perfect fit, go for these styling tips to embrace this footwear better.

  1. The 90’s vibes – Since mules ruled the 18th and early 19th-century fashion so glamorously, it is but natural to feel the urge to replay that trend once again. You can style a pair of high waist jeans with a loose top and casual mules for a perfect look. Don’t forget to wear that long loop earring to imitate the 90’s Bollywood look splendidly.
  1. Block heeled mules with loose palazzo or wide bottom jeans – Loose fitting bottoms are trending in the western and ethnic fashion industry. Give your comfortable fashion a heads up by adding block-heeled mules to it. Choose the colours from the pastel palette or simply let them be in whites or blues! These semi-casual looks will appear complete with the addition of these cool slip-ons.
  1. High heeled mules with a sexy maxi dress – A date night calls for you to look suave, sexy and too ravishing. How about pairing your plush maxi dress with a pair of high heeled, seductive mules in dazzling colours. Pick glossy black, blood red, glittery golden or admirable silver mules to make your date look appear sizzling and tempting.
  1. Basic mules with your sundress – A sundress during a summer day is most comfortable. Make it most relaxing by pairing it with super soft, comfortable and essential mules. These are available in all sorts of colours and even in denim.

Pro-tip – You can even flaunt these basic mules with your beachwear on the sand and still look charming.

  1. Heavily embellished mules on your party wear – Are you designing a rich-looking lehenga, saree or gown for the next big occasion? Make this party attire appear more classy and elegant by adding heavily embellished mules over it. The colours can be as rich, solid and light as you like, and the embedded patterns can be in embroidered form, hand-work and even in delicate zardozi

No matter what kind of style you have in your mind, mules will complement them all. These are one of those footwear that never let you down and come out outstandingly in each of their forms. So, get ready to have the world under your feet with the right pair of mules hugging them gracefully!

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