9 Stylish Jeans Every Girl Should Have in Her Closet!

There are several things that your wardrobe can’t survive without, like perfectly-fitted or loose tees, versatile jackets and great loungewear. But the one thing that easily ranks highest on the list has got to be jeans! The right pair of denim can really take you places, and owning only one from such an extensive range won’t ever fulfill your desire to have more and more in your closet. 

You need to move beyond your favorite skinny jeans and pave the way to amazing experiments with jeans. Let’s get started by brainstorming a few girls jeans.

Here are 9 trendy types of jeans for girls: 


  1. Skinny jeans 

Skinny jeans have topped the jeans world before any other type could even exist! They hug your curves perfectly and highlight your figures to their best. Whether it’s a shirt, top, kurti or any other upper garment, skinny jeans can match with all. A turtle neck top or a crop top with a long shrug looks perfect with skinny jeans.

2. Low waist jeans 

These denims sit just below the hip and are being chosen by more and more influencers and enthusiasts these days because of their comfort-casual appeal. These jeans are available in various shades of black and blue. Girls love these jeans because it allows them to flaunt their upper as well as lower body.

3. Boyfriend jeans 

These jeans offer the exact same comfort as the denims and casuals wear do. They are baggy in nature and can easily be styled with chunky sneakers and a sweatshirt for a tomboy look. These jeans are specially aimed at the people who love the street style and who wish to feel less constricted.

4. High waist jeans 

As the name says, these jeans are high above the waist level. High waisted jeans give you the confidence to flaunt your crop tops or a cute bralette. They are now trending in the fashion list and are loved by girls from every age group, majorly the curvy girls. You can pair them with a printed t-shirt or a blouse. 

5. Overalls

Overalls are adored by women from every age group. Overalls have almost become a wardrobe staple for many people, essentially for two reasons; the first one is they’re easy to style, the second is that they provide comfort and fashion in one. All you have to do is wear baggy sweatshirts beneath sneakers. 

6. Capri pants 

Capri pants are more inclined towards the fashion scale. They establish a perfect connection between full length jeans and shorts. The capri pants tend to settle exactly below your knees and thus balance both your expectations. You can style them with a shimmery crop top, off shoulders or cold shoulders. 

7. Flared jeans 

These types of jeans are loved by girls who have bulky thighs. They provide endless comfort while being on the trendy scale. They are the perfect example of everyday trousers which can provide the best comfort. You can pair them with a tie up shirt or a tucked tee.

8. Bootcut jeans 

These jeans are for those who wish to have a classy and modish attire without much effort. The bootcut jeans, just like a lot many things from the decades, have seen a beautiful resurgence and everyone loves them. You can style bootcut jeans with a slim fit tee under a skintight jacket. 

9. Ripped jeans 

Just how abrupt and ridiculous it sounded in the start, jeans with slits and holes, ripped jeans soon made it to every young girl’s wardrobe just just because they were trending but also because they made ‘messy’ look good. You can pair it with a cami top and a denim jacket for an outstanding look.

There are other ways to style your tees and tops as well like pairing them with girls jeggings, or even girls shorts. Don’t forget to accessorize your outfits to look your fashionable best!

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