Get Your New Taxi Dispatch Software App As An Innovative Source for Business from SpotnRides

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Taxi service business online has a huge market value in today’s marketplace. Many new entrepreneurs are showing interest to start their own service startups in the same business area. So, developing a taxi software app for businesses should be attained to the winning market for their successful career goals.

According to it, SpotnRides has ready-made taxi dispatch software for your new app development process. The software app from our company is updated with all the existing advanced features. So, as an entrepreneur, you could launch your new taxi booking app effectively in the online taxi industry market area.

The Top Advanced Options That Would Be Covered to Your New App

Smoothie-accessible App Nature

Your new taxi dispatch software app from SpotnRides has a smoothie-accessible design in nature. Right from its social media log-in, the complete usage of your taxi app would be too fast to access for booking services. Thus, allure more users in a short period of time to improve the productivity of your taxi booking service online.

Multi Components

  • Multi-Lingual – Your taxi app possesses multi-language access. Based on different regional areas, customers can use your app in their comfortable languages. your business players not familiar with the global language can use their own regional language.
  • Multi-Vehicle Category – As per the different vehicle types for various riding purposes, you can smartly categorize them in detail to customer display. You can add/remove any vehicles/drivers at any time based on demands.
  • Multi-Payment Option – Your customers can pay the taxi fares through their convenient way. Your app comes with both online and offline payment modes in-built in it. So, the passengers use their debit/credit card, net banking, or e-wallets to complete payments.
  • Multi-Business Solution – Based on your selected business model, SpotnRides creates your startup app from the ready-to-go- taxi dispatching software accordingly.
  • Multi-Angle Management – Utilizing your new taxi app’s dedicated dashboard show-up, you can manage your complete business online with multi-angle details.

Loyalty Customer Programs

  • Promo Code Dispatch – Through your new taxi app, you can give promo codes to the new users. It would motivate them to use your taxi app continuously even in the future.
  • Discount Provisions – You can declare some discount offers to the customers via your new taxi app. It always attracts them to engage in your taxi service.
  • Social Media Integration – The strong bond would happen between your customers and you through the social media login option available in your new app, you can smartly be connected with them by your regular official social media activity.
  • Referral Links – You can let your users gain some benefits through referring your new app to their friends or circles via a particular link generated individually in your business app for referral purposes online.

Special Custom-Centric from SpotnRides on Business App Developments

Launch Your Business within Days

As mentioned, the taxi dispatch software app is a ready-made solution for your new business app creation, your complete app gets ready for launching within two weeks (approximately) of your business plan.

360-degree Custom Solution

Utilizing SpotnRides’ 360-degree custom solution, you can modify anything in your new taxi app. It could be UI/UX design, Feature Modulation, New Option Add-ons, Extra Interface, and so on

Full Expert Guidance

As we are in the app development field for years, our experts are highly intelligent with a number of business-winning app creations. You can get any technical guidance from them to furtherly improve your new taxi service business through your app design at any time.


Developing your own new taxi app from the taxi dispatch software available with SpotnRides, you could get many enhanced sources to evolve your new startup smartly online. Include many enhanced options to your new taxi app for an influential startup launch.

Explore the perfect taxi dispatch software app for the achievement. By the use of our complete custom solution, you can also get your business app output as per your own plan analysis.

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