How Much Would You Pay For The Perfect Jeans?

perfect jeans

The perfect jeans: they’re one of the Holy Grails of fashion, and they’re almost as difficult to find, too. In fact, if we were given the choice between a quest for the Grail, and a quest for the perfect jeans, we’d probably choose the former. Well, at least we’d get to see a bit of the world that way: when you’re searching for a new pair of jeans, all you get to see is the inside of a lot of sweaty changing rooms.

Given the difficulty of the task at hand, then, today we begin a short series of polls in which we aim to find out just how much you typically spend on those so-called “basics”. Of course, this question is a bit of a “how long is a piece of string” one, because it depends so much on individual budgets and circumstances, but purely out of curiosity, today we want to know… how much are you prepared to spend on the perfect jeans?

The Perfect Jeans

For some people, jeans are one of those can’t-live-without-’em items, worn for everything from a lazy morning’s lounging, worn with a comfortable hoodie or sweater, to a dressed-up evening out, with heels and a sparkly top. For others, however, they’re never worn at all: sometimes because they just don’t fit with the person’s personal style, and sometimes because it’s just so darn hard to find the perfect fit.

Why is it that the perfect jeans are so difficult to find, we wonder? Other items aren’t always easy, sure, but judging by the (totally unscientific) conversations we’ve had with friends and readers, jeans seem to be the trickiest of all. We’re sure you all know the drill:

1. They fit in the waist, but the legs are so tight you feel like a sausage.

2. They fit in the legs… but the waist is either so big you get a bad case of “builder’s butt” every time you sit down, or so tight you can’t sit down at all.

3. They fit in the waist and the thighs, but the legs are so long you’d need stilts, or so short you look like you’re wearing someone’s hand-me-downs. (And yes, you can always have them hemmed in the first scenario, but let’s face it: you’d rather not, wouldn’t you?)

4. They fit just fine (Yes, this is unlikely, but just go with it…), but they’re acid wash, or have a truly obnoxious level of distressing on them, or some other detail that makes you more likely to go out in public nude than wear them.

Just say you manage to find the perfect fashion (jeans), though. They do exist, though. They’re out there, somewhere, and someone has to find them, so let’s just imagine it’s you. How much would you be prepared to spend on them, do you think? Would you see them as an investment piece, and be willing to drop a large amount of cash in order to bring the quest to an end, or would you think, “Well, they’re still just jeans?” and turn your back on them unless they were less than a certain amount?

“How much are you prepared to spend on the perfect jeans?”

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