How to do Yoga Mudrasana

Yoga Mudrasana

What is Yoga Mudrasana? 

The human body is a unique combination of man and the natural element. In this, the incorporeal God, his corporeal nature in the form of soul, is learned in the form of mind and body. Human consciousness is the material form of stage and body. Consciousness comes to us in the form of the power of the soul. This governs our mind, heart, and body. We have also called it life force. Pleasure is the innate nature of man. But to achieve that it is absolutely necessary to be healthy. Since ancient times, yoga has been the easiest way to achieve this objective. Through which we can keep our body and mind in complete health. Yoga Mudrasana is very helpful for the attainment of our complete health. About which we are going to tell you today. By practicing which you too can remain healthy.

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Method –

The method of doing Yoga Mudrasana is quite simple. Any person can start the practice of Yoga Mudrasana only after a little effort. Below we will tell you about the simplest method. (Mandukasana)

  • First of all, you spread a mat or carpet on the ground.
  • After that, you sit in the position of Padmasana and close your eyes. (heading)
  • Taking both the hands back, hold the wrist of the right hand with the palm of the left hand.
  • After that, you take a long and deep breath.
  • Lean forward while exhaling slowly.
  • Keep the spine straight and try to keep the forehead on the ground while bending it as much as possible.
  • Leave the body as loose as possible. And keep taking long deep breaths. (Kapalbhati Pranayama)
  • If you can plant moola bandha or garden bandh, then it will be appropriate. This is the perfect position of the asana.
  • When your hands are tied behind and your forehead is on the ground. The body is in complete relaxation.
  • Stay in such condition for a few minutes as per convenience. Increase the time later. Keep in mind that in this situation there is pressure on the stomach and toes. There is a strain in the knees. If you feel pain, leave the asana in the middle.
  • Now slowly inhaling come back to Padmasana. Leave the bondage of the hands and rest by placing the hands on the front thighs. Repeat this process 4 to 5 times. In contrast to this posture, the benefit is doubled by doing Matsyasana, Ustrasana, and Bhujangasana.

Benefits  – 

Now let’s talk about the benefits of Yoga Mudrasana that there are many benefits of doing this Yoga Mudrasana. But due to a lack of information, many people do not do yoga. This is also one of them. Therefore, we will try to give you information about the benefits of Yoga Mudrasana below. (meditation pose)

  • This is the biggest advantage of doing yoga Mudrasana. That it plays a very important role in healing your digestive system. That person must practice Yoga Mudrasana. Whose digestive system does not work properly? (Bhramari Pranayama) 
  • It activates your gastric and digestive systems. Which makes it easy for you to digest any food. If you are not able to digest your food properly, then you must do this.
  • It plays an important role in curing all stomach-related problems like constipation, gas, and indigestion. If you have any problem related to constipation or gas in your stomach, then you can get rid of that problem by practicing Yoga Mudrasana. ( Surya Namaskar )
  • Yoga Mudrasana This asana plays an important role in strengthening the liver, spleen, stomach, small intestine. Therefore, people who have any problem with this, then definitely do yoga Mudrasana. (moon salutation)
  • The practice of Yoga Mudrasana is nothing less than a boon for diabetic patients. This asana proves to be very beneficial in sugar disease. Because with regular practice of Yoga Mudrasana, the sugar level remains under control.
  • It massages the entire digestive organs and keeps them strong. At the same time, creating a stretch in the spinal cord and nerves makes the nervous system capable. This helps in reducing belly fat. Continuous practice of Yoga Mudrasana increases the circulation of life force in the body.

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Care should be taken while doing Yoga Mudrasana –

Doing every yoga has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is said that every coin has 2 sides. Similarly, whenever you do any posture. Before doing that asana, one should know about the method of doing that asana.

So that the harm caused by the wrong practice of that asana can be avoided. In the same way, you must also take some precautions before practicing Yoga Mudrasana. So that damage can be avoided.

  • Wherever you go to practice Yoga Mudrasana. Before that, you should practice this asana under the advice or supervision of a yoga expert.
  • You should do this asana according to your body capacity. Do not practice this asana more and more.
  • No pregnant woman should practice this asana.
  • If there is any problem related to the said blood pressure, hernia, and sciatica, you should not practice Yoga Mudrasana. Due to this, you may face a lot of problems.
  • If a person is suffering from any kind of problem-related to the heart, then such person should not practice Yoga Mudrasana.
  • You should avoid this asana if you have eye problems.

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