What are Various Factors Indicating Hospitalization for a Covid Patient?

Indicating Hospitalization

It has been almost one and a half years that India is in the grips of the corona pandemic, and the second wave of this pandemic is deadly. Since the covid cases are still rising and in recent months, it may rise more as the various variants of coronavirus are super spreaders. People are naturally terrified. However, there are two things that we must all do in a time of crisis.  – Observe the COVID protocol to the letter, Don’t panic.

The spread of the second wave of the corona is comparatively speedy. Even if precautions are taken, people may catch the disease due to others being less cautious. In such situations, family members and patients must remain calm and make imperative decisions.

Fighting with corona can be challenging for some patients, as many of those lost their lives. The reason could be not getting treatment at the right time, deficiency of oxygen even in the hospitals, and less bed availability for critical patients. When a member of the family contracts COVID, the first thing that comes to mind is whether they should be hospitalized or not.

When should an individual be admitted to the hospital?

Remember that not all COVID patients need hospitalization. In reality, only a tiny percentage of people who have severe symptoms and tested positive for corona need hospitalization. Most patients have minor symptoms that can be treated at home with the help of a doctor or homecare covid packages offered by various digital health platforms and hospitals. To begin, anyone experiencing symptoms should not hesitate, reject, or self-diagnose. The first 3 to 5 days after getting affected by COVID are critical. The earlier therapy is started, the better. If your family wishes to handle you at home, make sure you obey all of the guidelines and take all of the prescribed medications. You can also avail covid home isolation package offered by Credihealth that provides online covid consultation via smartphone, tablet, and laptops. The covid online consultation with covid specialist offers various health benefits for the covid patient by providing online treatment for covid at home.

Several factors to consider-

Like when home treatment should be terminated and when a patient requires hospitalization or medical supervision:

Blood oxygen saturation level – The level of oxygen in your blood is referred to as oxygen saturation. This oxygen is delivered to various parts of your body through blood, allowing your cells to work. Your SpO2 level should be at least 95% all of the time. If the COVID-19 patient’s SpO2 falls below 93 percent, medical attention is required immediately.

Persistent high fever – Fever is not only a typical symptom for a COVID-19 patient, as it also occurs in the presence of any infection. A fever, on the other hand, means that your body is battling the infection. However, if a person’s body temperature rises to 101 degrees Fahrenheit and does not drop for more than five days, they should be taken to the hospital.

Difficulty in Breathing – Shortness while breathing is an indication or warning sign of covid 19 if accompanied by a fever, cough, or body aches. Shortness of breath can be mild or severe and only last for a short time. If a COVID patient has trouble breathing, he/she should be admitted to the hospital without any delay.

Mental confusion – Few patients also experience dizziness and mental disorder due to covid 19. This type of patient must not be treated at home as they require proper medical assistance. These covid patients shall require hospitalization.

Bluish discoloration of finger or toe – If this happens, a patient can seek medical help right away for the treatment.

A Patient with the age of 60 years

When senior citizens contact COVID-19, it’s best to see a doctor to see whether they have to be admitted to the hospital. Even so, not all COVID-positive senior citizens need hospitalization. The family doctor should make the decision, who is familiar with the patient’s medical history.

A patient doesn’t have any of the symptoms mentioned above, and any specific medical condition can home isolate himself if tested positive. Rushing any COVID-19 patient to the hospital when they don’t need to be there would just clog up a system that is already struggling to cope with a record number of COVID hospitalizations. In this way, you risk depriving seriously ill people of the medical treatment they need. You can get online consultation for covid on Credihealth as the online healthcare platform ensures the best covid 19 treatment.

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