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Fantastic Jewellery Gift Ideas for New Moms

Fantastic Jewellery Gift Ideas

That special joy and feeling of becoming a mom brings in a lot of excitement. With it, comes the responsibility of stepping into the shoes of a motherly figure and always being there for your newborn baby. The responsibilities and availability go up, and with it comes sleepless nights, diaper changes, and more. While a new mom would definitely love to get some extra sleep as a gift, multiple other things could act as the perfect gift for a new mom, which includes jewellery.

Why should you gift jewellery to a new mom?

As mentioned earlier, new mom gifts can range across various categories, but it’s important to ensure that it’s something that they like. Jewellery is extremely versatile and memorable. Also, she is a woman before being a mother. So, anything surrounding motherhood and jewellery is bound to be appreciated!

What should you consider before buying jewellery for a new mom?

The easiest way to know if a new mom will like jewellery as a gift is to answer these two questions:

  • Does the person I’m gifting typically wear jewellery?
    This is important to understand, because if the person stays away from jewellery, then this may not be an ideal gift.
  • Has the person specifically asked for something else?
    Typically, these days we see people creating a list of items for potential gifts. If this is the case with the person you are gifting, consider sticking to the list. But if there is no list, you can experiment and gift something that is both personalised as well as in sync with the new mom’s likes and dislikes!

Top 10 fantastic jewellery gift ideas for a new mom

1. Simplistic Necklace

It’s important to note that a heavy neckpiece may not really work as new moms may not be heading out soon for a while. Instead, look for a delicate and simplistic necklace, one which adds the perfect shine and glamour and is excellent for daily, casual wear. A heart-shaped necklace looks both classy as well as elegant and can serve to be one of the best gifts for a new mother.

2. Name Pendants

Personalisation goes a long way, more so in the case of jewellery. As a gift idea, personalised jewellery comes across as a well-thought gesture and also adds a lot of value. One of the best-personalised gifts for a new mom could be a name pendant. The name could be of the mother or the child, and that’s a personal choice. This jewellery gift is sure to make the new mom smile and appreciate your efforts. You can also combine this with a simple gold chain, so that the pendant can be used with a neckpiece for daily wear.

3. Mother Ring’s

This is a new jewellery trend that combines gifting new moms with rings that comprise of smaller rings.Each smaller ring depicts the birth of a new child. They are simple, delicate, and extremely adorable to wear, and it’s sure to please any new mother.

4. Neckpieces with initials

Continuing the personalisation trend, it may also be a good idea to gift a neckpiece that combines the initials of the new mom and her kid. As mentioned earlier, personalisation is more likely to add value, and more so if it further strengthens the bond between the mother and her child. If a name pendant doesn’t work for you, consider a neckpiece with initials to make it more attractive.

5. Charms Bracelet

Keeping up with our simple and elegant approach to gifting, a bracelet is bound to work very well. An elegant charms bracelet, sometimes also referred to as a Bella bracelet, combines little things that are unique to the new mother and adds a touch of elegance to it. This gift idea is bound to impress the new mom and strengthen your bond with her.

6. Nazariya Bracelets

While a kid typically receives Nazariya charms as gifts, it’s also important to note that amother needs to wear one too, to protect her from any evil eye.In a situation like this, it can act as the perfect gift for a new mom.You could additionally also buy two bracelets, one for the kid and one for the mother.You can also check out the top designs of Nazariya bracelets for babies here.

7. Personalised pendants

A personalised pendant combines various designs and thoughts and proves to be one of the best gifts for new moms.You can engrave a pattern of holding hands, a baby’s footprint, oreven add initials in the form of a personalised pendant.These are extremely versatile in nature and bound to please any new mom.

8. Birthstone rings

Based on the baby’s birth month, you could also gift a birthstone ring to a new mom.These are simple rings but hold a lot of value.However, please ensure to get the sizing right for this gift to prove a thoughtful gesture.

9. Zodiac Sign Earrings

Zodiac signs have always been in trend, and more so with a new mom, the connection is even stronger. You could gift cute zodiac-themed earrings, which could be either the zodiac signs of the new mom or the baby. If the baby is a girl, the zodiac-themed earrings could later act as a memorabilia from the mother.

10. Brooches

Keepsake gifts go a long way, and one of the all-time favourite accessories for a keepsake gift isbrooches.With multiple patterns and vibrant colours, brooches not only have a veryelegant feel but also look extremely appealing. They can be a great gift for a new mom who has a special liking for vintage jewellery.


It is highly advisable to gift a new mom with something that is both personalised as well as stylish. The combination of both is bound to work well. You must always choose a gift that is in sync with the motherhood feeling that a new mom associates herself with and should be something special.

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