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Men’s Jewellery: Top Trends and Popular Styles

Men’s Jewellery

Fashion, beauty, jewellery and most industries specifically focus on women’s merchandise. But in a few years, there has been a great shift towards the men’s industry. Just like women, men are also sensitive about their looks and style.

Just the beauty and fashion jewellery industry has created some marvellous designs to meet the need of modern men. Jewellery and men are connected for centuries. Our history shows the kings and rulers embracing jewellery as a symbol of their pride and status. With modernization, the trends may have changed but rings, chains, and bracelets have still managed to be in the use.

For instance, signet rings were a hot trend during British rule. They were used as royal stamps to seal the deals. The rings later lost their significance but remained in trend as an accessory. Just like signet rings, diamond rings, bands and gemstone rings are highly in trend for men.

Here, we have come up with the most enchanting jewellery trends for men this year.

  • Oversize Chain Hook Necklace:
    Oversized chain hook necklaces were brought into the limelight by hip-hop musicians and rappers 1980s. Since then, the trend survived all the revolutionary new additions in the jewellery industry and is a hot trend this year too. You can alter the chunky size according to your preference. These chain hook necklaces look awesome with half sleeve shirts, and T-shirts. Wear it to your pool parties, concerts and drinks with friends. Gold chains always look brilliant but try the platinum or rhodium necklaces for a change.
  • Stacking Bracelets:
    Bracelets are the best jewellery staples for men. If you are not much into chains and rings, you can easily accessorise your outfit with bracelets. Having said that, bracelets are now available in ranging designs, metals and colours. One hottest trend for the year 2022 is stacking bracelets. Stacking bangles and bracelets are not a new trend for women, thus the trend has taken up the men’s world also. Stacking up thin metal chords with thick bracelets looks dapper. The trend is not confined to homosexuals only. It’s loved by the straight guys too. Avoid wearing your watch and stacking bracelets on the same wrist.
  • Yellow Gold Pendants:
    Gold pendants are loved by people of every gender, age and ethnicity. This yellow metal looks charming and classy with every type of clothes. The metal is highly durable and ductile. Hence, you can have it embellished, engraved or just as plain metal in any type of shape and size as a pendant. Styling with yellow gold is too easy. You can wear your gold pendant to any formal or casual event. Make it your statement accessory with your initials or have it shaped in a locket heart. These vintage trends are never gonna fade away anytime soon.
  • Signet Rings:
    As we talked about the signet rings and their significance earlier, buying vintage or antique signet rings is a better way of collecting their authentic essence. However, signet rings are ruling the jewellery industry with a hint of modernization in their design and manufacturing. Signet rings have gained a separate fanbase now. These rings have different categories like gemstone embellished, engraved, family crest, and plain metal signet rings. These rings are available in gold, silver, platinum, rhodium and dual-tone. So don’t lag and add this integral part of history to your collections.
  • Statement Eagle Leather Silver Bracelet:
    Leather bracelets work as a spectacular styling accessory. These bracelets add a rawness to your appearance. The new silver eagle leather bracelets have created a lot of buzz as a piece of statement jewellery for men. It looks attractive and adds masculinity to your overall appearance with this single piece of accessory.
  • Rudder Necklace:
    The latest addition to the men’s statement jewellery is the rudder anchor necklaces. These rudder charms in silver chains represent the flow of life, your will and your decision making power. It reflects your perspective on life. Rudder necklaces are easily available online on most commercial websites at affordable prices.
  • Sterling Silver Hoop & Stud Earrings:
    Sterling silver hoops and studs are already trending for women for the last few years now. The jewellery designers have come up with a whole new range of sterling silver studs earrings for men too. These earrings are affordable and look super stylish. Hoop earrings in sterling silver look hot with casuals too. From Justin Beiber, Johny Depp, Eminem and Nick Jonas, many more men celebrities have made silver hoops a must-have jewellery trend for men.
  • Double Beaded Adjustable Bracelet:
    Beaded bracelets have made it to the list this year yet again. These adjustable bracelets have risen a lot through bohemian and hippy culture. However, beaded bracelets have gained a lot of popularity in the mainstream fashion world too. These are necessary items for stacking bracelets. Double beaded bracelets are now available for customisation too. You have your initials, important dates or names engraved on these beads. Most people wear these bracelets depending upon their zodiac signs too. Onyx bracelets are one of the best selling beaded bracelets in this category.
  • Sterling Silver Round Cufflinks:
    Men’s formals and suitings are never complete without cufflinks. These work as a styling essential. Several metals and designs are available online and offline for that matter, but round silver cufflinks are the best of all. These simple yet classy cufflinks add the missing x-factor to your personality. These cufflinks are an example of sophistication with simplicity. Do drama no chaos, just a piece of class with style.
  • Streamline Gold Band Ring:
    If you are looking for a timeless jewellery item, you must definitely choose a gold band ring without any second thoughts. These simple band rings are the best sellers for engagements, anniversaries, and weddings. You can have them embellished with one or three small diamonds if you like. These rings are available in dual-tone and look equally alluring. Braided gold bands, chain link designs and minimalist designs are the most popular ones in this category. If you are looking for some out the box trends, then explore the rose gold, black gold and platinum band rings for men.

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